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Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic or Czechia as the country has now renamed itself. Czechia is located in between Poland and Germany and sits above Austria and Hungary. Czechia’s history has been filled with being taken over by other countries. As unfortunate as it is, this has led to the preservation of the country and Prague. Because Germany just took over Czechia, Prague and it’s beautiful buildings were not destroyed during World War Two. This is one of the few European cities that have remained intact over the generations from the medieval times. For many reason, you’ll love spending a weekend in Prague.

The official language is Czech, which has roots to the other Slavic languages. It used to be Czechoslovakia, but in the 90’s, Slovakia broke off to be its own country. Slovaks say that their language is different than Czech. You might also see “Praha” written when visiting. This is Prague written in Czech. This is pronounced “Pra-ha” not “Pray-ha.” Like other Slavic languages, you pronounce every letter in the Czech alphabet or words.

This being said, history lovers, Instagram users, gap year travelers, and honeymooners would love Prague and Czechia. Pretty much anyone looking for a classic European travel trip of old architecture, delicious food, and lots of history! Here is a city break guide for planning the perfect weekend in Prague.

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Practical Information For a Weekend in Prague

Prague has its own international airport, but sometimes it is cheaper to fly to Berlin or Vienna and then take a bus or train to Prague. Czechia is part of the European Union and the Schengen Zone, but they do not use the Euro. They chose to remain using their own currency: Czech Koruna (Crowns).

The best time for a weekend in Prague is definitely the summer or shoulder seasons. As the weather is warmer and there are beer gardens open outside to enjoy all the sunshine. Czechia is not only known for beautiful Prague, but also its delicious beer so beer lovers would have a good time here! And, for wine lovers, Czechia has its own wine region. Finally, for hard alcohol fans, Prague is home to abstinent and many bars serve it.

Visitors shouldn’t worry about transportation as the public transportation system is extensive and very reliable. Make sure to get a ticket from a metro stop before hopping on the tram or bus. You will need to punch the ticket in a machine on the tram and bus. The transport police check often! There are a few transport ticket options and be sure to have a lot of Czech Korunas in coins to pay for the tickets (the machines only accept coins).

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5 Fun Thing To Do in Prague

There are a variety of things to do in Prague for a weekend. I have listed the 5 top free sites to visit for any visitor! The majority of Prague has cobblestone streets, so be sure to watch your step as you wander around. Check out this free weekend walking tour of Prague that you can do at your own leisure!

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Explore Prague Castle

Prague has an amazing castle complex on top of the hill which can be seen from all over the city. You can take the tram up the hill or enjoy a spectacular view each step you take. To enter the castle, you can purchase a museum ticket and the castle is filled with history facts and panels. However, others can roam around the grounds and see views of Prague city. During Christmas, there is a market within the castle walls, free to enter.

Enjoy The Sights of Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge connects one side of the Vltava River with the Old Town Square and the side of the river with the castle. It holds statues of different saints and also has artists and musicians promoting their works. It can get quite crowded during the daytime, especially in the summer months. To best enjoy the bridge, head there early in the morning before the crowds.

Get Lost in Prague's Old Town Square

weekend in prague city break guide old town square

Old Town Square is the center of all the beautiful architecture. You might see this place referred to as Old Town or Old Square. It also holds Christmas and springtime Easter markets. There is an old clock there that every hour has a little show of statues moving. The show itself isn’t too exciting in comparison to other old clock towers in Europe, but the design of the clock in general is beautiful and worth observing.

Check Out The Beer Garden By The Castle

No weekend in Prague guide could be complete without a nice cold beer, find one at Letna Park. Near the castle complex is a park that holds one of Prague’s biggest beer gardens. It also looks out onto the river, Old Town Square and to the Charles Bridge. A variety of beers and ciders are sold and sometimes there are food vendors. People are allowed to bring their own food and games and stay a while.

Pay Tribute To John Lennon

weekend in prague city break guide lennon wall

Hidden in a little street off the main path is a wall dedicated to John Lennon. This wall originated during the Communist regime. Young adults that were against the regime spray painted the wall with John Lennon’s face who was known for his peace filled songs. The authorities would repaint the wall, but the next day, John Lennon’s face would appear.

Eventually the Berlin Wall fell and the authorities let the people paint their peace messages on the wall. Today, you can spray paint whatever you want and every time you visit it could look completely different since new artists and messengers come and go. When you take pictures, be cautious of wet paint! Often, there is someone who is singing John Lennon songs in front of the wall. What does remain, however, is that there is always a spray painted face of John Lennon.

What To Eat in Prague: 4 Foods To Try Over a Weekend in Prague

Czech cuisine is similar to its neighboring countries since it shares cultural history with many of them. Even so, here is a list of four must eat foods for when you spend a weekend in Prague or around Czechia.

weekend in prague city break guide dumplings
weekend in prague city break guide trdelnik

Czech Dumplings

Dumplings are made of bread or potatoes and are a side dish to the main meat. They arrive on the plate in a disk shape as if it was once a huge log roll and it was then cut into pieces. It is perfect for sopping up the gravy!

Refreshing Lemonade

Czechs love their refreshing drinks especially in the summer. If you aren’t feeling alcohol, check out this refreshing drink. Its like lemonade in that it is made from different fruits and can have a sparkling texture. The classic one is made out of raspberries.

Touristy Trdelnik

This delicious treat originates from Hungary actually, but it is a big tourist favorite. It is baked dough over coals with your choice of toppings. The classic one is cinnamon, but there are also nut ones too. You can have it filled with a nutshell spread or ice cream. Some shops sells it in black with charcoal ice cream.

Fried Dough Pizza

This treat is mainly purchased during markets, but you might find a vendor that sells it while walking around. It is fried dough with tomato sauce, cheese, and garlic. It might not sound delicious, but it really is and it hits the spot on a colder day when it is fresh off the grill!

If you are looking for more delicious traditional Czech meals and not sure which restaurants to try, be sure to read more on these Prague restaurants.

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Where To Stay in Prague: 3 Places Call Home Over a Weekend in Prague

A lot of tourists aim to stay in the center of things such as Old Town Square or the nearby Jewish Quarter. There are many hotel options here, but it is also one of the more expensive options. To get more of a budget deal and to see how the locals live more, I suggest the following three sections of the city. Prague is separated into districts (one, two, three, etc.) Locals tell each other where they live based on these numbers, but there are also names that correspond with those numbers. Old Town Square would be Prague 1 or Praha 1.

Vinohrady / Namesti Miru (Praha 2)

Vinohrady is one of the oldest sections in Prague being close to the Old Center. It has its own square (Namesti Miru) that hosts a church and markets during Christmas. You can find many Airbnbs and hostels in this area.

Mosaic House Design Hotel

The Mosaic House offers a range of rooms and dorms to fit every budget. Located in Prague 2, this funky design hotel also has a garden, rental bikes and a bar that features live music and other entertainment.

Bubenec (Praha 6)

This section is relatively close to the castle and the beer garden. It is also near the different embassies, which some are worth looking at like the United States one! This is more of a residential area and you will find more Airbnbs than other housing options.

Hotel Golden Star, Prague

Hotel Golden Star is a beautiful 4-star hotel with a hilltop location in the shadow of Prague Castle. It offers sweeping views of Prague, well-appointed rooms and free breakfast.

Olsany/Zidovske Pece (Praha 3)

This section of Prague is where more locals live. There isn’t much to do tourist wise. It is close to the TV tower and a park on a hill that holds a museum. From this park you can get a nice view of the city and the castle. You are more likely to find Airbnbs than hostels or hotels in this section of the city. And, since it is more locals, you might find some Couchsurfing opportunities.

Hostel Clown & Bard

Prague 3 is a great area for students and budget travelers and Hostel Clown & Bard is the perfect place to stay. It has functional dorms as well as private rooms. They offer the option of purchasing breakfast at the hostel and there is a bar on site.

2 Must-Post Instagram Spots in Prague

Do it for the GRAM! While you are traveling about the city, be sure to take note of these tips to catch the best that these two of the most Instagramable places have to offer.

Charles Bridge With a Prague Castle Backdrop

One of the most captured sights is the Charles Bridge with the Castle in the background or the tower that graces the entrance to the bridge. The best time to go is in the early morning as there will be less people. Going at sunrise is perfect since there will only be a small group of people with you rather than the swarms.

There are a variety of ways to get to the bridge, it depends on where you are coming from. The best is to take one of the several trams that go near it and then walk. Be wary of sunrise though. In the summer, the sun rises around 5 am and in the winter it rises around 7, but it will be cold.

weekend in prague city break guide views

Beautiful Old Town Square

Once you are done with sunrise at the bridge you can walk into Old Town Square and take some post sunrise pictures of the empty square, Old Town Hall and the buildings surrounding it. The church in the back catches the rays of the sun nicely and you can take a full photo of the astronomical clock when there aren’t a lot of people walking around. View the gorgeous buildings with their art nouveau facades.

1 Pro Prague Travel Time

Make a Day Trip From Prague

There are so many day trips from Prague. Prague itself takes a few days to visit, but you can see a variety of amazing castles and countryside within a week or two. One of the more famous castles is Karlstejn, but some other lesser known day trips are Karlovy Vary, a spa town and home to a hard alcohol, Becherovka (similar taste to Fireball Whiskey), and Kutna Hora, which holds an old chapel full of bones from the medieval ages that have been moved as art pieces from an artist in the 1800s. This chapel is called Sedlec Ossuary.

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Be sure to check out this list of 9 Hidden Gems in Czechia to help plan your trip to this beautiful country to the fullest.

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