Victoria Falls Activities You Can’t Skip

Victoria Falls Activities You Can’t Skip

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We visited Victoria Falls earlier this year and left in awe of the natural beauty. The powerful water of the Zambezi River flowing over the falls to the gorge below is tremendous. There are also a ton of awesome activities to do in Vic Falls. During our safari trip to Africa, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe was among our favorite stops. While we were there, we did just about all of the falls activities available. Here’s a guide to all of the awesome Victoria Falls Activities you can do. We covered everything from a relaxing sunset Zambezi River cruise to all of the adventure activities on Victoria Falls Bridge. Browse these super cool excursions and create a Victoria Falls itinerary to remember forever!

Some links may be affiliate links. This means we may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking certain links at no extra cost to you. 

We did an epic journey from Johannesburg, South Africa to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The safari we did was through G Adventures and we loved every moment. If you’re looking for a safari to enjoy, we couldn’t speak higher of this one. From beginning to end, it was easy, fun and we loved our small group. Our leader was a professional who knew her way around every destination and we only encountered the best locals along the trip. You can browse our tour and compare safari tours with the link below.

This region of Africa is dotted with unbelievable landscapes, natural wonders and the wildlife that visitors travel to see. While you’re in Victoria Falls, make sure you see some of these popular national parks. Here’s the ones we visited on our safari tour with G Adventures and some others available for private tours. Where possible, we also give you the links necessary to book the tours and safaris yourself.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park from Victoria Falls

Our game drive and safari tour through Chobe National Park was one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life. We did a number of game drives, bush walks during this trip – but we saw LIONS on this one. I’m not saying that you will have the same experience, but we saw the most abundant wildlife in Chobe National Park. 

Below you’ll find booking details for this full day safari game drive to Chobe National Park. It includes pick up and drop off at any hotel in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. You can also arrange pick ups at hotels in Botswana and Zambia. The details for booking a trip to this insanely cool National Park are in the link below. It’s the game drive on which we saw the most diverse and numerous wildlife. If you’re picking just one – this is it. You can also reserve and cancel for no charge up to 24 hours before your pick up – so at least save a spot. 

Zambezi National Park

Zambezi National Park is a short drive from the town of Victoria Falls and located upstream from the actual falls. The National Park is also full of wildlife and an unspoiled natural habitat for those animals you travel so far to see in the wild. 

Tours of Zambezi National Park are a good option if you want a shorter game drive. It’s a 3-hour excursion which also includes hotel pick up and drop off. Like the other game drives, you have an English-speaking guide and the full experience. You can reserve a spot through the link below and receive immediate confirmation. Cancellation can be made with no penalty up to 24 hours before pick up.

Victoria Falls National Park

Victoria Falls National Park is a swath of protected lands on the south and east banks of the Zambezi River. It’s the Below Zambezi National Park where you’ll find a network of paths and the best views of Victoria Falls. In fact, this is the single National Park that you can’t turn down because after all, you came to Victoria Falls to see the waterfalls right? This is the best place to do it. Entry fees are $30 and can be paid in USD cash or with credit card at the entrance.

If you’re looking for a guided tour, there is a 2.5 hour tour available. It can be booked with hotel pick up and includes an English-speaking guide. The tour gives you a background of the geological, political and natural history of Victoria Falls. It does not include the entrance fee to the park. We walked to the park from town and explored on our own with our tour group. Our tour leader was with us and offered information and knew her way around the expansive path system. For that reason, I can recommend having a personal guide to take you around the park. Check prices and reviews for your dates with the link below.

Fly Above the Falls in a Helicopter

The Flight of Angels Helicopter Experience is one Victoria Falls activity that we passed on. However, 2 girls from of our tour group did the flight and said it was remarkable. Fortunately, they were also willing to describe the experience for us. When they returned from the helicopter ride they were ecstatic – so they pretty much told everyone they saw about it. They also dropped all of their photos in our tour group’s WhatsApp to share. That’s just one of the benefits of traveling with small group tours.

When they snuck off to do the helicopter ride, the rest of us hadn’t even seen the falls yet. They got picked up and were whisked away to the helicopter as we were settling in. AND they got this amazing view! The videos and photos that they shared are clearly FANTASTIC, but the experience is short. The total time in the air is under 30 minutes, but it’s kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity. We decided not to do the helicopter ride mostly because we planned to drop some money on adventure activities. Otherwise it would have been considered longer. If you want to check it out yourself, click below and get more details. You can even reserve a spot and cancel up to 24 hours before your excursion through GetYourGuide. 

Do a Zambezi River Sunset Cruise

The sunsets in this part of Africa are insanely beautiful. There were so many times where we made comments like “this sunset is something out of The Lion King!” It’s truly stunning, and a great way to enjoy the sunset in Victoria Falls is with a Zambezi River cruise.

2-Hour Open Bar Sunset Cruise

The one that we booked was on our final night of our group tour. It was a special way to end our time with the people we had been traveling with for the past couple of weeks. It was a 2-hour cruise with open-bar (yaasssss). We made the most of that and the staff was awesome – they never let us go dry. We also saw a lot of wildlife on the river – hippos, water fowl and crocodile. At this point we had already done a Chobe River cruise and were so spoiled with the abundance of animals that we focused more on the drinks. While we were able to multi-task, the focus was more on the cocktails than the croc-tails.

Victoria Falls Activities Sunset Cruise

There are also more… sophisticated options for cruising the Zambezi River at sunset. We did not do this tour, but some folks at our hotel did and they looked like they enjoyed it when they returned.

Lasting 4 hours, this cruise is a longer excursion – obviously, it includes dinner. The meal is four courses and includes local ingredients. You also enjoy drinks included with this sunset cruise package.

We heard a funny story about a group of Dutch tourists who thought they were getting on the hotel transfer for this sunset cruise, but accidentally got onto the wrong cruise and experienced the “booze cruise”. They were disappointed I assume, but this dinner cruise has high ratings and you can learn more and book below if you want a less raucous experience. Just make sure you get in the right hotel transfer. 

Zambezi River White Water Rafting

Victoria Falls activities - white water rafting

Whitewater Rafting on the Zambezi River is one hell of an adventure! The adrenaline we felt that morning was like nothing else. I had done a few white water rafting trips before the Zambezi and nothing compared to this river. The mighty Zambezi surpassed those American whitewater rafting courses in every way. 

You go through the most intense white water in the world and rapids with names like Gnashing Jaws of Death and The Terminator. The river is FAST and full of crocodiles (even if you can’t see them). We flipped going through our first rapid and it was intense. We floated through the next two rapids and it took a while to get everyone back on the raft. We quickly learned why it’s one of the most dangerous rivers in the world. Beginning the trip this way made it tense during the remaining time on the river, but it was fun nonetheless. 

After we completed the course, we hiked back up the gorge and were treated to lunch and a cold beer. The feeling of imminent death worked up our appetite and thirst, so both were nice at that point in the day. 

The trip includes hotel transport as well as lunch and the guided rafting tour. Click the button for more details, prices and to book.

Victoria Falls Bridge Adventure Activities

After a morning that included flipping into crocodile-infested water we decided to jump off a perfectly good bridge multiple times. Victoria Falls Bridge is super nice to walk on whether you participate in or just watch the adventure sports there. NOTE: you do go through a border crossing to visit the bridge – bring your passport.

Bungee Jumping Victoria Falls Bridge - South African passport requirements blog

Bungee Jumping Off of Victoria Falls Bridge

Victoria Falls Activities bungee jumping

Mike has done several bungee jumps before, but I was eager to notch my first one in Victoria Falls. I achieved this goal and it was awesome. We decided to do the combination ticket: bungee jumping, the bridge slide or zip-line and the gorge swing. The bungee jump was my favorite! It was such an intense rush to walk to the edge, dive into the air and plummet into Victoria Falls gorge.

After a few bounces, you start to focus on the beauty of the gorge. The Zambezi River, the lush forested hill and the booming sound of the falls were a sensory overload. It was a little unnerving to be hanging by my feet upside-down over the river. Eventually you’re hoisted upright and dropped off on the bridge as all is well again. 

This experience was unreal! To dive into Victoria Falls gorge attached to a bungee is a bucket list item checked off. You can book it yourself below, we highly recommend making a reservation for this and with GetYourGuide you can always cancel within 24 hours for no fee.

Victoria Falls Gorge Swing

Victoria Falls Gorge Swing

Victoria Falls Gorge Swing is super fun, and possibly a misleading name. When you do the gorge swing, you are harnessed into a line attached to the bridge and you simply walk off the platform. You free-fall straight down! It’s not a gentle glide as the name “swing” implies. It’s more of a gorge drop and unlike the bungee, it’s not a fall that slows down near the end – it’s a sudden jerk. You do swing out over the falls and you’re rewarded with awesome views of the gorge below. It’s nice to be in an upright landing position too. You can also do the Victoria Falls Gorge Swing tandem so if you have a partner you can save money. Mike and I did the jumps separately, but it seemed fun for people who were jumping with someone else.

Get more information, updated prices and hold a reservation below.

Victoria Falls Bridge Slide (Zip Line)

Victoria Falls Bridge Slide

The bridge slide is one of the coolest Victoria Falls activities and a more tame way to soar over the gorge. To do the slide, you walk across the bridge to the Zambia side of the gorge. There you are fitted with a harness and walked down a gravel path to the zip-line. You don’t even need a push once you’re clipped into the line – gravity does the work. The glide across the bridge is gorgeous and very peaceful. Taking in these unique views will be a highlight of the day and it’s one of the Victoria Falls activities you should reserve. Click the button below to reserve a spot.

Devil's Pool Tour

The Devil’s Pool is a shallow natural pool at the very edge of Victoria Falls. It’s open for the bravest swimmers during certain periods of the year. It all depends on water flow levels. During the wet season (January – June), it’s usually closed. You’ll have some of the best images of the waterfalls though because the river is swollen from wet season. If you visit from July through December you have the best chance of swimming in the Devil’s Pool. The tour we recommend can be booked below. It’s a 2.5 hour hike and tour of Livingston Island that culminates with a dip in The Devil’s Pool. Reserve a spot below and brace for a lot of Instagram attention!

Tips for doing Victoria Falls Activities

As you may imagine, Zimbabwe is a unique destination. There are a few things to be wary of when you visit and especially when booking Victoria Falls activities, tours, and excursions. It’s also smart to book your Victoria Falls activities online BEFORE you go to Zimbabwe. It’s super safe in the town of Vic Falls, but there are factors you need to consider. Basically, the less cash you carry, the better.

  1. Zimbabwe doesn’t have a currency – they rely on the US Dollar. Bring some with you to be able to purchase goods and services. You can barter with items you have and sometimes get by but otherwise you are strictly limited to the American dollars that you bring into Zimbabwe. There are literally NO ATM machines. If you see one, it’s empty.
  2. Book ahead and pay online through credit cards. It will make your life a lot easier. This is why we recommend GetYourGuide – you can be booked and paid with no-hassle cancellation. You MAY have a hassle if you run out of cash. Even some hotels can be shady on scamming you for Victoria Falls activities.
  3. Some places take credit cards but it’s not reliable. Yes, restaurants and hotels might accept cards BUT there are frequent electrical blackouts. 
  4. Scams DO exist in Zimbabwe BUT It’s not because of the people. It’s because the government is unstable. The tourist zones and National Parks are very safe. Tourism brings in most of the money (there are big punishments for anyone hurting tourism). 
  5. You’re completely safe in Vic Falls. Sure, there are people who will try to rip you off whether you’re in Paris or New York or Zimbabwe. Be careful of fake goods and people trying to sell you things as you walk by.

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