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Paying a visit to Great Britain will almost guarantee a wonderful trip. From the excitement and bustle of London to the charm of England’s idyllic countryside and the rugged natural beauty of Scotland – you won’t be bored or let down. It’s easy to pack your UK trip itinerary with exciting destinations and activities.

We visit London at least once each year and usually make a trip to Scotland about as often. We’ve decided to visit UK destinations as group trips, couples weekends and a few times for just the two of us. Both of have traveled to London to watch our favorite sports teams play; The Boston Red Sox for Mikey and The Philadelphia Eagles for Derek.

The UK is a great place to visit and for Americans, like us, it’s a familiar place culturally. We’re bonded to Brits linguistically, historically and it makes it a great destination for Americans to begin exploring world travel.

Good To Know Before Visiting The United Kingdom



Pound (GBP) £


230 V   Type G

Official Religion

Protestant Christianity, The Church of England

Official Language


Safety Concerns

The UK is a safe destination for tourists with recommended precautions in tourist areas and cities limited to pickpockets and tourist scams. Safety cannot ever be assured while traveling, but tourists should feel safe in the UK.

LGBT Safety and Protections

British law prohibits discrimination based on the grounds of sexual orientation and same-sex marriage is legal. The UK is very tolerant, as is Western Europe, and the 3 biggest LGBT communities are found in Brighton, London and Manchester.

Main Attractions

The Scottish Highlands, London, the beaches of Brighton and Cornwall

UK Destination Guides

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