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Good to Know Before Visiting Ukraine


Kyiv (Kiev)


Ukrainian Hryvnia

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Official Religion

Majority Orthodox

Official Language


Knowledge of English

In hotels, bars and restaurants – English should be enough to get by. Younger generations have a good base of English but outside of tourist zones, English isn’t as common.

Safety Concerns

Ukraine is a tough country to describe – there is an active territorial dispute ( or occupation depending on your views) of part of Ukraine. These tensions between Ukraine and Russia are limited regionally and are relatively non-threatening to tourists in the rest of Ukraine.

In destinations like Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa, you don’t have anything to worry about as a tourist. Of course, you should always do your homework and check with the travel advisories from your own government before booking any trip.

LGBT Safety and Protections

Ukraine is a mixed bag with LGBT safety as well. In the capital city of Kyiv, you’ll find a few gay bars and saunas with a present, but less-visible LGBT community.

For generations, rights and freedoms were restricted in Ukraine, including rights for the LGBT community. That said, it’s a lack of familiarity and exposure that has impacted perceptions of LGBT people.

For safety reasons, distance is blocked on gay apps and the scene feels more underground. There are LGBT Pride marches, but participants are heavily guarded by police.

Overall, Ukraine lags behind the rest of Europe in LGBT rights, but traveling there is safe and attitudes are quickly changing to support LGBT rights. LGBT citizens and travelers are protected from discrimination.

Main Tourist Attractions

Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Black Sea resort locations and Chernobyl

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