planning a trip to spain

Spain is a beautiful country on Iberian Peninsula of Europe. It includes 17 autonomous regions and possesses diverse geography and cultures throughout the country. Spain is a must-see country in Europe and there are so many places to visit. From large cities to coastal villages and seaside towns, mountains with hiking and gorgeous national parks – you could do a tour of Spain for months and never be bored. 

Spain is also a great foodie destination and a terrific country for history lovers, art and music fans and beach-goers. Planning a trip to Spain? Find out more in our destination guides to explore different regions, learn about cities in Spain and what you can expect in this amazing country.

Good to Know Before Visiting Spain​




The Euro €

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Official Religion

Roman Catholic

Official Language

The most prominent language is Spanish (Castilian) with the majority of Spaniards speaking one or more second language or regional dialect – Catalan, Galician, and Basque. 

Knowledge of English

Depending where you travel in Spain, English will be spoken by service employees and hotels. In many regions, English is not widely spoken and only about a third of the population speaks some English. 

Safety Concerns

Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe. There is little major crime and travelers should only exercise the normal level of caution they would take at home. Walking alone at night should be avoided in certain areas and pickpockets exist in tourist zones. These precautions are not unique to Spain, which is, again, very safe for travelers. 

LGBT Safety and Protection​

Rated A-

Homosexual activity has been legal since 1979. Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005. LGBT discrimination has been illegal since 1995. Spain is an extremely tolerant and progressive country. The LGBT community in Spain is open, visible and active – LGBT tourism thrives in Spain. This is especially true in the cities and the resort towns of Sitges and Torremolinos.

Main Tourist Attractions

The diversity of culture and size of the country makes it hard to narrow down specific attractions, but popular tourist cities include: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Malaga and Bilbao and the Canary Islands.