Oh how we love a visit to Germany. It’s a fascinating country in Western Europe with over two millennia of history with something new to discover in every region. The natural landscape, important history and modern cities are perfect for all travellers. 

A trip to Germany offers vineyards and wineries, Alpine mountain peaks, Baltic beaches, river valleys, spa towns, some of the best cities in Europe and so much more. We’ve planned many trips to Germany from city breaks to road trips and spa weekends and it never gets old. We’ve even visited Munich for Oktoberfest – one of our favorite trips!

This page serves to display some of our best posts on travel to Germany. We hope it can also offer some inspiration for your future trips. 

Good to Know Before Visiting Germany​




The Euro €

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Majority Religion

Christian (almost equal split between Protestant and Catholic)

Official Language


Knowledge of English

In the service industry (at hotels, restaurants, etc) you can get by with English. In smaller towns it may be more challenging to converse with people that you meet in English. The majority of the younger generations speak English, but they may not have regular practice of English conversations outside of the main cities.

Safety Concerns

Germany is a very safe country to visit with little major crime. Travelers should only exercise the normal level of caution as they would take at home. Walking alone at night should be avoided in certain areas of major cities.  Pickpockets exist in crowds such as festivals and tourist zones. These precautions are not unique to Germany, which is, again, very safe for travelers. 

LGBT Safety and Protection​

Germany is overall a very safe country to visit for LGBTQ+ travelers. Full equal rights have existed for LGBTQ+ Germans since 2017 and homosexuality has been decriminalized since the late 1960’s. In Germany, public perception of LGBTQ+ people is very positive. Almost 90% of Germans believe in full acceptance and equality for LGBTQ+ people in their country.

While Germany is a progressive and tolerant country, attacks on LGBTQ+ people have been on the rise in recent years. This rise has occurred alongside the rise of right-wing political forces. While these isolated incidents are tragic, Germany remains one of Europe’s most gay-friendly destinations.

Main Tourist Attractions

Many of the main tourist destinations in Germany are found in the major cities like Berlin, Munich and Cologne. Still, visitors love to experience Germany through the small towns and popular travel spots include the Romantic Road, Castle Road and the Mosel River Valley and Rhine River Valley.

Oktoberfest Plan and Beginners Guide

Your complete guide to Oktoberfest in Munich. Where to stay for Oktoberfest, how to get a table inside an Oktoberfest tent, what outfit to wear at Oktoberfest and so much more. Everything you need to know for planning your own trip to the world famous German beer festival.

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