Norway trip planning

Norway is a beautiful country in Scandinavia known for majestic mountains, deep coastal fjords and glaciers. Any Norway trip is often centered around visiting these natural wonders.

Besides the natural wonder, visitors can enjoy the cities like Bergen and Oslo. There you can learn about the Viking heritage of Norway and the Norwegian role in Scandinavian history. Bergen was a merchant city which was important for Baltic Sea trade for centuries.

For hiking, skiing, cruising the fjords or learning about the Vikings and their legacy – Norway delivers. It’s a destination for anyone who loves history, nature and self-discovery.

Good to Know Before Visiting Norway




Norwegian Krone (Crown) or NOK

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Official Religion

Protestant Christian, Lutheran

Official Language


Knowledge of English

A majority of Norwegians speak English and are conversational. It’s easy to get by in Norway with English.

Safety Concerns

Norway is a safe country and has a low crime rate. You only need to observe similar precautions as you would elsewhere in Scandinavia or Western Europe.

LGBT Safety and Protections

Norway is ranked #3 in the world for LGBT safety. It’s an extremely tolerant and accepting culture and has a vibrant and visible gay scene in Oslo and even Bergen.

Main Tourist Attractions

The main tourist attractions in Norway are the green spaces and natural attractions. These include fjords, mountains and waterfalls. One popular way to experience these are through Norway in a Nutshell tours. Main cities like Oslo or Bergen are the normal hubs to experience Norway.

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