Italy trip planner

It’s hard to think about travel to Europe without thinking about planning a trip to Italy. All roads lead to Rome, and the profound influence that Italy has had on Europe and word is hard to forget.

Italy, Europe’s famous boot-shaped destination, offers so much for anyone willing to make the trip. From the Alpine villages of the north to the long Mediterranean coastlines and hillside towns of Tuscany, Italy is full of great vacation spots.

When we moved to Denmark, we spent one of our first weekends visiting Italy and returned time and time again visiting different cities and destinations. We’ve toured the towns that Mike’s grandparents emigrated to America from and done group trips to the Amalfi Coast. Derek has explored Sicily and we’ve spent a weekend skiing in The Dolomites.

Italy is full of amazing destinations and if you’re planning a trip to Europe, it’s a fantastic place to begin exploring.

Good to Know Before Visiting Italy




The Euro €

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Official Religion

Roman Catholic

Official Language


Knowledge of English

English is usually enough to get by with hotels, restaurants and in a lot of tourist zones. In many regions, cities, and with the younger generation you can get by with English but it can be difficult in other parts of Italy.

Safety Concerns

Italy is a safe Western European country and, despite reputations, Italy ranks higher than both the US and UK in global safety. There are, of course, dodgy areas of every city and non-violent crime like pickpockets, but Italy is safe for travelers.

LGBT Safety and Protections

Italy is a safe country for LGBT travelers with no restrictions and protection from discrimination. Public sentiment is largely supportive of LGBT rights and the LGBT community is active and visible in Italy.

Main Tourist Attractions

The most visited cities in Italy are Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice and Milan – but that’s hardly all there is to see in Italy.

Besides the cities you have attractions in the Alps for skiing, hiking and natural attractions like Lake Garda.

Beach lovers will also enjoy Italy and Italian destinations like Sicily and the Amalfi Coast.

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