Hungary vacation

Hungary is a fascinating country in central Europe. It’s a landlocked nation which is bisected by the mighty Danube River.

The cities of Hungary are full of impressive architecture and important relics of European culture. Roman and Turkish influences are felt in the country and culture of Hungary. Elements like mineral spas and the Hungarian cuisine are examples.

10% of the population lives in the capital, Budapest. Outside of the bustling capital city you’ll find incredible hiking, majestic lakes and natural wonders.

Visiting Hungary requires diving into a painful past that includes Soviet, Nazis and fascist occupation.

Good to Know Before Visiting Hungary




Hungaran Forint (HUF)

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Official Religion


Official Language


Knowledge of English

About 60% of Hungarians speak English and the numbers are higher in Budapest, tourist zones and other cities. At all hotels, bars and restaurants English will be enough to get by.

Safety Concerns

Hungary is a generally safe country to visit. Travelers should exercise normal caution, especially in crowded areas, train stations and tourist zones.

LGBT Safety and Protections

Hungary is safe for LGBT travelers and there is a visible community in Hungary, especially in Budapest. Hungary is rated an B- for LGBT safety, however homophobia is on the rise in some regions. This is partly due to the influence of anti-LGBT organization from the USA being welcomed by PM Viktor Orban.

Main Tourist Attractions

Most visitors to Hungary start their travels in Budapest. Another popular destination is thermal Lake Heviz.