Greece trip planner

We absolutely LOVE Greece. Whenever people ask us our favorite place to travel, it’s amongst the picks. From the beautiful sandy beaches to the centuries of history – Greece delivers it all. Oh and the food! We can never turn down a plate of saganaki.

If you’re planning a trip there yourself, please use our itineraries. We have plenty of tips and suggestions to help shape your experience. Greece is somewhere that everyone should visit at least once. We definitely plan to keep going back to Greece. See why for yourself.

Good to Know Before Visiting Greece




The Euro €

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Official Religion

Christian Orthodox

Official Language


Knowledge of English

The majority of Greek citizens under 40 will know English. Getting by should be easy in tourist areas and with people in the service industry anywhere in Greece.

Safety Concerns

Greece is a very safe country to travel to and you should feel safe with only normal precautions. Don’t expect crime or violence, and travel smart.

LGBT Safety and Protection

Greece is culturally liberal and LGBT rights have been a part of Greek culture for decades. You’ll find a much more visible community and social scene on certain islands and cities, but you can feel safe traveling to Greece as an out gay traveler anywhere in the country.

Main Tourist Attractions

Greece is full of ancient ruins, modern cities and beautiful beaches and island chains. Highlights are the city of Athens and ruins of the Acropolis or visits to the Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini.

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