france trip planner

We love going to France and take almost any excuse to slip away to the country. France is a beautiful destination with a diverse landscape and so many places you need to visit.

France is a country full of medieval cities, Mediterranean beaches and charming alpine villages. You can spend months in France and not see everything.

Good to Know Before Visiting France




The Euro €

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Official Religion

Roman Catholic

Official Language


Knowledge of English

Almost 40% of French citizens speak English and it’s the language of European tourism. That said, beyond most cities English will be enough to get by but not easy and many signs will be in French only.

Safety Concerns

France is as safe as other countries in Western Europe countries in Europe. There are frequent demonstrations, especially in Paris, but travelers should only exercise the normal level of caution they would take at home. Walking alone at night should be avoided in many cities and pickpockets and scams exist in tourist zones. These precautions are not unique to France, which is, again, very safe for travelers. 

LGBT Safety and Protection

France is a very tolerant and progressive nation, on par with all of Western Europe with LGBT rights and protections. These rights are extended to tourists and travelers. The most visible, active and prominent LGBT communities are found in larger cities of which Paris is the biggest. We have enjoyed nights out at some of the smaller gay bars in smaller French towns like Strasbourg as well.