estonia vacation and tallinn guide

Estonia means east lands and is an EU nation located on the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. It’s a Northern European gem with over 1500 islands, rocky beaches, gorgeous lakes, old-growth forests and medieval cities. These are all the reasons why an Estonia vacation should be on your travel bucket list.

Estonia has a history of war and occupation with intermittent periods of peace and stability. They have enjoyed peace, prosperity and independence since 1991 and the fall of the Soviet Union. 

Modern Estonia is a testament to the success of the European Union. Their economic growth as a member nation has been a model for members and the country has blossomed in just a generation since Soviet occupation.

We were lucky enough to visit Tallinn over a trip around the Baltic which included stops in Helsinki and Saint Ptersburg, Russia. Tallinn is linked to Helsinki through a ferry line just as Estonians and Finns are linked culturally. While Estonia is geographically closer to the other Baltic nations, Latvia and Lithuania, the closer cultural connection is to Finland.

Good to Know Before Visiting Estonia



The Euro €

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Official Religion

The largest religious affiliation in Estonia is none

Official Language


Knowledge of English

Estonia is easy to get by speaking English. In major cities and the capital you will find many English speakers. Other areas should have English speakers but you may need to ask a few people before finding one.

Safety Concerns

Estonia is a very safe country to visit with low crime rates. Like all major cities, Tallinn has incidents of pick-pocketing and other petty crime, but no major safety concerns should keep you from an Estonia vacation.

LGBT Safety and Protection

Estonia is ranked a score of C+ for LGBT safety, but attitudes towards LGBT travelers is tolerant and accepting. Tallinn has a few popular LGBT bars and spaces and the community is visible and protected from discrimination by law.