America is a special place for us, because even though we live in Europe – it’s our home. We were both born and raised in USA and travel back to visit family, friends and explore America at least 2 times each year. We moved to Copenhagen from Philadelphia in 2017, and while we love our new city, we’ll always be Philly boys at heart.

It’s a country full of destinations as diverse as its people. If you want a beach vacation, an exciting city break or to explore a beautiful national park – it’s all possible. America is huge, stretching from sea to shining sea, and exploring the whole country would take months or likely years.

America is a patchwork of individual states representing all types of people. Each region of the country is unique in landscape, architecture, history and culture.

Good to Know Before Visiting America




Washington, DC

United States Dollar ($USD)

120 Volt A and B Sockets

Official Religion

America was the first national government to establish no official state religion. Christianity is the most practiced religion in the United States. The majority of American Christians belong to Protestant denominations.

Official Language

America also has no official state language however English is the most widely spoken language in America. In many regions Spanish is also widely spoken, especially in the southwestern part of America and in cities. Similarly, French is spoken in some areas near the Canadian border.

Safety Concerns

America is a very big and very diverse country. Just like any destination, there are pockets of unsafe areas in some cities. Most tourist destinations in America are in safe, well-policed areas and crime is similar to other major cities in Europe and elsewhere. Of course, any traveler should beware of pickpockets and other scams, but no more than other destinations.

LGBT Safety and Protection

Overall, America is tolerant and accepting to LGBT travelers. This is especially true in major cities, college towns, the Northeast, West Coast and Hawaii. There are other regions of the country that are not as gay-friendly as Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Acceptance of LGBT travelers varies from region to region and largely due to the Evangelical Christian influence in some areas.

Legally, LGBT citizens and travelers have the same rights as straight people living in and visiting America. Overall, Americans are less likely to engage in public displays of affection.

Main Tourist Attractions

America is full of amazing cities like New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Philadelphia. Some are close to amazing natural destinations like Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West or Seattle in the Pacific Northwest.

America has gorgeous beaches in states like Hawaii, Florida, and California. There are gorgeous places to go camping and enjoy nature like Deer Island, Maine the Pocono Mountains and Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

There’s plenty to explore in America and you won’t regret booking a trip to see any American destination. Browse our American destination guides below.

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