North America tourist attractions

What is North America like?

Plan a trip to North America and visit the best tourist attractions in North America. The continent is full of wonderful destinations from the beautiful coastal beaches to the continental mountains.

North America is home to diverse wildlife and terrains. The dominant languages of North America are English, Spanish and French, but the linguistic culture is as rich and diverse as the landscapes.

The largest North American country by land mass is Canada and the largest by population is the United States of America. The largest city in North America is Mexico City and it’s home to other famous cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Havana and Montreal.

How to Visit North America

Planning a trip to North America will leave you with a lot of decisions to be made. First and foremost is where you want to visit. There are plenty of options for a North American tour, resorts to visit and more. From camping to road trips to city breaks – you can do it all in North America.

Once you decide where you want to go, you’ll have to book flights and possibly some internal flights. North America is massive so it’s not easy to plan a road trip through Canada without a lot of time to drive or some flights to speed things up.

You’ve also got options for booking a tour and taking the planning out of your hands. Having someone else create an itinerary and handle the logistics of North American travel is a nice option. You can relax and see the best tourist attractions in North America with someone else doing the tedious work of planning.

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Travel Resources and Tools For North America

Here are some resources for planing your travel to North America.

Flight Search: We always start with Sky Scanner. They seem to offer the best prices, especially for long haul flights in case you’re crossing an ocean to visit North America.

Do You Need to Rent a Car: We book with Auto Europe. Even though they’re a European company, they offer low rates around the world and have a great customer service team.

Is a Tour Right For You: Take the planning and headache out of your travel to North America. Look for tours on G Adventures, they’re our favorite company to book through. Their guides are incredible, their dedicated to sustainable travel and they make it all look easy.

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