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I’m an American in Denmark – Trump needs to stop

I moved to Denmark in early 2017. I left Philadelphia and set out to Copenhagen with my partner. We were nervous. We didn’t know anyone in Copenhagen. Moving took us away from family, friends and the familiarity of everyday life.

It was an adjustment. There were ups and downs, but Denmark is our home now. We had the opportunity to leave just this month but we turned it down. Our time here in Denmark is open-ended and so are our hearts – we love it here.

We miss our friends and family but look forward to their visits and we get to show them this beautiful country. We have found our niche in Denmark with new friends – both Danish and international. The once-confusing everyday life has now become familiar. Life is good! However, this week, as President Trump has picked a fight with our adopted home, it’s been tough.

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My 7 biggest surprises moving to Denmark

Last month marked my two year anniversary of moving to Copenhagen. Celebrating my “Denmark Day” with Mike and my friends was a lot of fun, and it made me think about some of the biggest surprises I experienced when expatriating. It’s been a lot more than expat housing and Danish hygge – those things I could read about online before I showed up. Everyday expat life in Copenhagen (KĂžbenhavn) can be very familiar but still so different, and here are my 7 biggest surprises moving to Denmark.

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Cooking as an Expat – Orange Ginger Soy Salmon Over Sweet Potato Noodles with End of Summer Salad

Living in Denmark, we have taken up cooking at home more frequently. Eating out in Copenhagen has no dimmer switch – it’s either pricey Michelin rated cuisine or bland dishes that are familiar, but not quite right (and still over-priced). Nothing in between. The good thing is, Mike and I both enjoy cooking and I have plenty of time to plan a weekly menu. We are also embarking on a bout of healthy living for #FitFall and tonight we had a meal that was so good I had to share the recipes here. Continue reading “Cooking as an Expat – Orange Ginger Soy Salmon Over Sweet Potato Noodles with End of Summer Salad”

Celebrating July 4th Abroad

There was a time when I would joke that people shouldn’t celebrate Independence Day outside of the original 13 colonies. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, the birthplace of America, so July 4th always had a high degree of importance. In Copenhagen, Denmark July 4th is just “Tuesday” and as you can imagine, not observed. Celebrating Independence Day here was unique. I didn’t know what to make of celebrating July 4th abroad.

It was a weird feeling to forgo the celebration of July 4th. I was able to observe Independence Day mentally. However, this was without a nation of flag waving, firework flaring, burger grilling patriots around me. You could say I had an independent Independence Day.

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