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Life Abroad – Expat Advice for the first 30 days

Earlier this summer an old friend from high school reached out to me. He was considering moving to Belgium from the states for an expat assignment. He knew I’ve been through the experience of expatriating and he had some questions about life abroad. Living in a foreign country isn’t something you think about much until an opportunity comes up.

He decided to move abroad and took his family overseas. We’ve caught up a bit more now that he’s in his first 30 days of moving abroad. Talking to him has brought back a lot of memories of that time for me. The transition isn’t the easiest but I learned a lot of lessons. I’m happy that I’ve been able to pass them on. I also decided I should share them with a wider audience here.

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Expat Life 4 Months In – Advice for the Early Stage of Expatriating

This week marked four months since I arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark to reunite with my partner, Mike and begin our journey as American expats. I was also featured on an awesome blog, Young American Expat, where they asked me to talk about my experience and provide advice. I decided to reflect a little deeper on this and share some advice for the early stage of expatriating.

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