We spend a lot of time on our travel plans, but there are many resources that can save you time and make trip planning easier. We’ve assembled all of our trip planning tools in one place to make things easier for you. Use the resources below to help you find the best flight, perfect tours, ideal lodging and get insurance for your travels. These tools have always helped us and we hope they will be as useful for you as they have always been for us.

BOOKING.COM is fantastic for frequent travelers. They offer a rewards program with different levels of additional services that get automatically applied to your stay. They include discounted rooms to late check-out times and various other perks.




Sky Scanner is the BEST when it comes to researching flights. We use them exclusively because they have the best variety of flights. They include discount and local airlines, some you may have never heard of, so there are a ton of options. They have a simple and user-friendly website and app.

FINDING ACCOMMODATIONS is our go-to resource for finding the best hotel deals. They have a massive selection, last minute deals and a price match guarantee. The best reason to use is the bonus rewards program which gives you your 10th night free. You can redeem the free nights anywhere and anytime with no restrictions. They also have more than hotels if you’re looking for a resort or an apartment.




Airbnb has turned the travel industry on its head and made it so simple to travel like a local. We use Airbnb to have a more authentic travel experience. Most hotels are in the business district of cities and not as close to local nightlife, dining and attractions. Airbnb changes that by letting you rent lodging in the city center of your destination and live amongst locals.


Misterbnb is an LGBT version of Airbnb. The hosts on Misterbnb are gay or gay-friendly. This makes Misterbnb a great way to travel and feel safe if you are part of the LGBT community. Hosts are usually knowledgable about the gay scene in the city you’re visiting. We’ve found Misterbnb to be a great option in large cities like Stockholm and London.



Luckily, we have never needed to file a claim for travel insurance, but we always get it. It’s relatively inexpensive, but a necessary function of travel. We have always relied on World Nomads. They have an awesome tool to get an insurance quote before or even during your travels. Check it our below

Travel Insurance. Simple & Flexible.

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