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Prague is a fantastic destination for any traveler. There are so many things to do in Prague! This makes it extremely popular with tourists. In fact, whenever we have friends visit, it’s in the mix for a side trip from Copenhagen. That’s a big reason why we have been to Prague 4 times since moving to Europe. Each visit has been unique and we have done a number of good Prague tours as well as a few day trips from Prague. Here are our honest Prague tour reviews for 8 of the most popular Prague tours.

Roofs of Prague - 9 honest Prague tour reviews


Looking over the city of Prague

Prague Tour Reviews – How we review

Prague is an amazing city, and you really can’t go wrong whatever you decide to do there. It’s one of our favorite cities in Europe and a destination we recommend to friends, family, and readers all the time. When it comes to things to do in Prague, we would prioritize some over others. There are more than a few good Prague tours, but some are really great. Some are a good fit for certain travelers but not for our tastes. We’ll cover why we recommend some Prague tours and days trips from Prague over others.

We’ll explain their rating and give you our Prague tour reviews of 8 popular options. There are also some very similar tours and we’ll help you pick the right one. For example, there are two Prague Ghost tours that we have done. One is a clear favorite over the other. There is a Prague Underground Tour and another tour that takes you below ground to the medieval city streets under Prague. They are both similar, but we’ll steer you to the best one for you.

We’ll give you a break down of each tour, so you know which we preferred and why. We’ll also include links to purchase each tour online – everything you need to see the best Prague has to offer.

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Our 8 Honest Prague Tour Reviews

5 You must do this tour or you’ll be disappointed
4 This tour is one you should prioritize
3 Do this tour if you have time
2 Not worth your time to do this tour
1 Just avoid this tour altogether

World War II and Communist History Tour

We are huge history nerds. So, this was the first tour we did on our first visit to Prague. We were fascinated by the topic, so we stayed engaged the entire tour, but it tested us.

Although it was interesting, the tour was long. At two and a half hours, we were mentally tired when the tour finished. The subject matter is also somewhat heavy. The Czech people are in a good place today, but this part of their past is not as happy. After about 90 minutes of this somber topic, I was ready to move on to a different activity.

On a positive note, our tour guide was extremely knowledgable. The guide used a flip pad of images throughout the tour. He also read from speeches and personal accounts of the historical figures referenced. This added an intimate element to the tour.

We both agreed on scores for this tour and our favorite aspect of the experience. The tour concluded with a visit to Prague’s Old Town Hall. Part of the history of this period included going underground to see the system of tunnels used by the Czech resistance. This gave us a chance to view the medieval city streets that lay beneath Prague. We loved getting to see this part of the city. It was a nice bonus to the tour which we did not expect. To book this tour for about €15, click HERE.

Underground medieval street of Prague from the Cold War and World War II tour- Prague Tour Reviews


The medieval street below modern day Old City Hall, Prague

This tour was informative and the guide was energetic. If it was 45 minutes shorter I would give it a 5.
It was a good tour and gave great perspective on the layers of history. I like city tours that have a theme to them.

Ghosts & Legends of Old Town Tour

We may share a love of history, but we definitely differ when it comes to ghosts. I would do one in every city we visit. I even booked them for date nights in Philadelphia when we still lived there. Mike – not so much. Keep that in mind when you consider our ratings.

The Ghosts & Legends tour is an evening walking tour that takes you around the Old Town of Prague. It’s about an hour and 15 minutes, which is a nice length of time for a walking tour. On this tour you visit 8-10 sites in every corner of the Old Town. In each site you will hear tales of the ghosts, murder, the occult, and even alchemy.

The tour differs from the second ghost tour on this list because it focuses on storytelling. There are no actors jumping out at you or other scare tactic gimmicks.

To book this tour for about €16.50 click HERE.

I of course enjoy a good ghost tour and the Old Town was nice to walk around in the evening. The stories were entertaining and tied in Prague history.

Ghosts, Legends and Dungeons Tour

Prague tour reviews - Prague ghost tour


The spooky streets of Old Town Prague

I spent a few days in Prague with my mom, aunt and uncle last spring. Mike traveled with us before we went to Prague but returned to Copenhagen for a work obligation. Since the ghost tour skeptic was not with us, we booked a different ghost tour. My mom and aunt joined me because they both enjoy this sort of tour, unlike Mike.

This ghost tour was similar to the first. It included tales of murder, execution, crimes of passion and the sort. The main difference, as eluded to, is that this tour included costumed guides and actors along the tour.

The tour ended with a trip to “dungeon” and a story of deaths in the medieval times of Prague. I won’t give away the tour’s ending in case you choose this one, but there are some cheap scares included.

I startle easy and prefer to be told a ghost story than have a haunted house style fright. My mom agrees, although she did not do the other Prague ghost tour. As far as Prague tour reviews go, I recommend the Ghosts & Legends of Old Town tour reviewed above. However, if you like actors in costume jumping out at you, this tour would be best for you. To book this tour for about €16.50 click HERE.

I preferred the other ghost tour better. I enjoyed the stories and the guide better on that tour. On that tour, your imagination does the scary part, not an actor.
MOM 2.5 I thought the ending was staged weird. That’s not the way I want to be frightened. There were many good stories to choose from, but I did not like the strange basement part of the tour.

Bohemia and Saxon Switzerland Full-Day Tour

This tour description is provided by my sister, Jillian, who also contributes to RobeTrotting:

I spent a month in Europe this Spring and the Bohemia and Saxon Switzerland tour was my favorite excursion. It was also my most expensive, but worth everything I paid for the value.

Hiking the national park was amazing. It’s where they filmed the movie Narnia, and I couldn’t believe I was exploring it in person. It’s a long day, a 12-hour tour, and includes pick-up and drop-off to and from your hotel.

The Tour

You enter the park through a separate entrance. Entry fees are included in the tour. A guide is also included throughout the tour. The start of the tour is on the German side of the national park. Your first stop is a gorgeous old castle and mountain bridge.

You actually drive to your second stop. There, you cross the famous Bastei Bridge. That’s the landmark you’ll recognize from Narnia. The views are stunning as your look down at the River Elbe.

Prague Tour Reviews - Bastai Bridge in Bohemian Switzerland National Park


Bastai Bridge over River Elbe in Bohemian Switzerland National Park

You’ll continue to Pravcika Gate, a large but narrow arch made from a natural sandstone formation. After the hike, you’ll stop for lunch and a drink at the old hotel from the movie.

Prav?ická brána Prague tour Reviews


Prav?ická brána in Bohemian Switzerland National Park

After lunch, you hike down to the Kamenice Gorge for a ride down the river in a small boat. The sandstone cliffs are gorgeous and the gentle boat ride is fantastic. The river then takes you to a quaint village, Hrensko. This is where you get picked up for the transfer back to Prague. The village is very charming and picturesque. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the village and see that area of the countryside before heading off.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park Boating through the gorge Prague tour reviews


Boating through the Kamenice Gorge

This tour hits all the highlights and the national park is incredible! It’s also good for any fitness level. To book for €160, click HERE.

JILLIAN 5 The only thing I would change is to have a slightly more challenging hike. It was easy to moderate, so an avid hiker won’t feel challenged but will still love the landmarks.

Prague Castle: Small Group Tour with Guide and Admission

You simply cannot visit Prague without going to Prague Castle. The castle was built in the 9th century and has been home to Bohemian Kings and Holy Roman Emperors. Today the castle complex remains a seat of power, but for the president of the Czech Republic. The centerpiece of the castle grounds is Saint Vitus Cathedral. It’s a Gothic behemoth and dominates the view of Castle Hill.

Normally, Mike and I don’t bother with guided tours for castles. Unless something is particularly unique, may European castles are easy to navigate and absorb the highlights on your own. However, Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in Europe and played an important role in European history. It’s also daunting to tour St. Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Lane and the other structures without a guide to assist. It’s just a lot to take in on your own.

St. Vitus Cathedral Prague Castle - Small Group tour Prague Tour Reviews


St. Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle complex

We suggest booking the small group tour which we did for our first time at Prague Castle. Since then, we’ve returned with friends and regrettably skipped the tour. That decision was based on saving time and not planning ahead, but it wasn’t as good.

The Tour

The guided tour is great! First you skip the line and only wait for security. It also gives you every highlight from St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, and the Basilica of St. George. You see the infamous window where the Defenestration of Prague took place, igniting the 30 Years War. It’s excellent, and you get much more than you do exploring on your own.

The price is about €35. The entrance with audio guide is about €29, so only a slight increase for a live guide. To book the Prague Castle Small Group Tour With Guide, click HERE.

Prague Castle is a must-do. There’s no way around it. I also think it’s too massive to try and explore on your own. A live guide is only a little more than the audio guide, so it’s the best value.
MIKE 4.5 I thought the tour was great. It made a big difference having a guide to answer questions and show us the most important highlights.

Great Bohemian Excursion to Kutná Hora

The next of our Prague tour reviews is another day tip from Prague. When I visited Prague with some friends last fall, two of them did this 5-hour excursion. It included pick-up and drop-off as well as lunch.

On the tour, groups experience a drive into the Bohemian countryside. The destination is the small town of Kutná Hora. There are many medieval and baroque attractions like the central royal mint and St. Barbara’s Cathedral.

The main attraction in Kutá Hora is the Ossuary of St. Barbara’s Cathedral – also known as “the bone church.” The bone church is famous for it’s ornate decoration made entirely of human bones. Over 40,000 bones are displayed in the ossuary and it’s an incredible, unique experience. The cathedral is massive, but the ossuary is smaller. The cathedral also has a winery, but drinks are not included in the tour.

My friends, Mason and Tyne, recommend the tour and elaborate below. To book for about €50, click HERE.

MASON 4 A very unique and interesting place. Not quite a 5 because it takes about 45 minutes to reach the town. The town has some cool spots and you probably won’t see something like the ossuary ever again.
I would rank this a 4 because the main attraction, the ossuary, is small. You get through it quickly even though there is more to see in the town.

Prague Medieval Underground and Dungeon Tour

The next of our Prague tour reviews goes back underground. When Mike and I did the World War II and Communism tour, we loved exploring the medieval city beneath Prague. After describing the tour to my mom, aunt and uncle, they were all interested in checking out the underground themselves. We decided to embark on the Prague Medieval Underground and Dungeon tour because it would be new to me. They also preferred to do a one-hour tour instead of the 2.5 hour tour.

Prague underground tour - Prague tour reviews


Exploring the layers of history below modern Prague

The tour was phenomenal, and certainly won over my family. Under the cobblestone streets we explored the original streets and sometimes went several floors below. The Vltava River flows through Prague. Over the centuries, the river has flooded countless times. Each time it has flooded, silt and debris covered the streets. Many times, the citizens rebuilt the city on the higher ground. This created several layers of city blocks underneath modern Prague.

Highlights are a medieval dungeon exhibit, a medieval family home and tunnels used to hide Jewish citizens during Nazis occupation. Unfortunately, it does not take you beneath Old Town Square. To book this tour for about €18.5 click HERE.

This tour is solid. If you have time, make it a priority. It’s short, a good value and you get a lot. There’s a side of Prague you get to see here, that you won’t find elsewhere.
MOM 4.5 Oh, this is the tour that I really liked! It should be a priority for anyone visiting Prague.

Boat Party Prague – Vltava River Booze Cruise

When we visited Prague with a large group of friends, we were in a party mood. Prague was a stop on our way to Oktoberfest in Munich. It made sense to begin in Prague because of the amazing Czech beer culture. Here’s an insider’s guide to Czech beer if you want to learn more yourself!

We spent our first night together reuniting with Boat Party Prague. They have a few options, but they all include floating along the river from 11 pm – 1 am. Prague is magical from the river. You can enjoy the views from the upper deck, or inside the boat.

Before we boarded the boat, we were treated to 2.5 hours of open-bar drinks at the pre-party. The festivities included a DJ and plenty of mingling with others who were riding the boat.


Catching up on the Prague Party Boat

This was a great way for us to catch up as a group and kick off our trip. While the boat tour is designed for the party crowd over the traditional tourist, we still enjoyed the night. This tour skews for a younger group, but (in our 30s) we didn’t feel out of place. You can book this €30 on their website HERE.

If the open-bar party is not attractive to you, but you still want a river cruise, there are options. For a highly-rated, 3-hour river cruise with dinner and music you can expect to pay about €39. To book this option you can click HERE.

Charles Bridge from the river boat


The Charles Bridge from the boat

The views of the city at night were great from the river. I enjoyed this because it was with a group of friends, but next time I would do a more subdued river cruise.
MIKE 3 The evening was as advertised. You have to be in the right group or right type of travel to do this excursion. It wouldn’t be a priority, but it was nice for the time that we did it.

Final Words

Hopefully, you were helped and inspired by our Prague tour reviews. We love Prague, so there isn’t a lot we don’t enjoy doing there. These tours can be tough to distinguish between, but our honest insight should help.

Once you book your tours, make sure you have everything else ready for your travel plans. Click this link to our Travel Resources and be prepared for your trip to Prague.

What do you think about our Prague tour reviews? Have you tried one of the ones we covered? Share your opinions below: