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An above-average travel blog and expatriate resource guide designed by 2 American expats living in Copenhagen. We aim to inspire you to go abroad for a week or forever.

We are Derek and Mike – a couple of gay American expats who love to travel the world. Life abroad has been amazing, never dull and afforded us the opportunity to travel the world.

We want to inspire and equip you to see the world whether it’s for a vacation or to live. Look around and learn more about our travels, our life abroad and the differences between living in Europe and living in America. Use our travel resources to help yourself find your next adventure.

The world knows a lot about America, but Americans know very little about the rest of the world. Let’s change that.

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We love to write about travel and expat life. Take a look at our most recent posts.

When we write about travel you’ll see everything from tour reviews, travel hacks and tips, trip itineraries, city guides and our take on hot topics.

Our posts on expat life offer advice and anecdotes about living abroad. If you’re planning to move to another country or just want to know what it’s like, read on. We share our experiences and perspectives on all the ups and downs of expatriating.

Whatever we’re discussing we bring you our perspectives as a gay couple traveling and our lives as gay American expats.

American Dining Service vs. European Dining Service
American Dining Service vs. European Dining Service
There is a big difference between service levels in American and European dining, but here are reasons why sometimes less
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vomit on plane arrested
Woman Kicked Off Plane Over Vomit and Arrested
Yikes, a woman was kicked off of a plane for complaining about vomit on her daughter's seat. Read more here:
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benefits of living abroad
Benefits of Living Abroad – the Hidden Trade-offs
We have found a lot of silver linings to living abroad. Despite being away from family and friends, these things
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Tallinn Estonia
Tallinn Estonia is Awesome! You Should Go. Here is Why.
We just spent two nights in Tallinn, Estonia and already want to return. Check out our list of reasons why
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Culture Clash: How Michelle Obama Annoyed One of the Happiest Countries on Earth
Michelle Obama visited Copenhagen Denmark on her book tour and left the Danish audience wanting more. The letdown could have
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Travel Plans – Baltic Trip to Estonia, Finland & Russia
Taking off next week for a great trip. Check out our travel Plans for our Baltic Trip to Helsinki, Finland,
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