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Like most large cities around the world, Copenhagen is full of graffiti. Over the years, graffiti is something I have gotten used to as an urban dweller. My hometown of Philadelphia tries to combat graffiti with a city-wide mural arts program and it’s been quite successful. Berlin is another city full of graffiti that has made it part of its charm – graffiti is a thread in the municipal fabric of the city. In Copenhagen, I walk past a piece of graffiti almost every day that is nothing short of adorable and I had to share it.

Teufelsberg Germany Graffiti Art NSA spy building
Teufelsberg in Berlin, Germany is an abandoned NSA spy station that is now home to amazing graffiti art
Common Threads Mural in the Spring Garden neighborhood of Philadelphia

Copenhagen may not be as good at graffiti as Berlin or full of beautiful murals like Philadelphia, but this one just makes me laugh.

Adorable Danish Graffiti in Copenhagen

It started as a sign to show where pedestrians should be walking…

Adorable Danish Graffiti in Copenhagen

Then someone got creative with a sharpee marker and added some flare…

Adorable Danish Graffiti in Copenhagen
And a few weeks later someone added more flare with a set of googly eyes

And a few weeks later someone added more flare with a set of goggly eyes – VOILÁ!

While I don’t support defacing of public spaces – this is adorable and quintessentially Danish.

I am also left with a few questions and take-aways:

  1. Who did this? I want to be friends with them.
  2. If this was defaced in America someone would have added a different body part, but the Danish people are pretty classy.
  3. Did the same artist who originally drew the cane and top hat come back later to add the eyes, or was it a copy cat crime?
  4. In this area, people seem to be walking around more fancy.
  5. Before it was given eyes, was the person using a cane because they were blind?
  6. If so, it just seems pretentious to keep the cane now.
  7. Since this sign is getting crafty, I’d like to add a glitter beard.
  8. What ever happened to the top hat and can we ever bring that look back?
  9. Is Mr. Peanut Danish?
  10. This is the most Danish graffiti possible.

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