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Latvia is a small nation in Europe located on the Baltic Sea. It’s located between Estonia to the north and Lithuania to the south with an eastern border with Russia.

Latvia is a country of wide beaches and dense forests with a large harbor at its capital city, Riga. The travel boon in Latvia revolves around visitors to Riga, but the natural elements of Latvia shouldn’t be skipped.

We visited Latvia on a guys trip to Riga and fell in love with the city. It’s full of things to do and beautiful architecture. Wooden houses and art nouveau facades define the buildings in Riga and the medieval Old Town is a famous landmark in Europe.

Good to Know Before Visiting Latvia




The Euro €

Power Voltage and Socket

230 Volt, C and F Sockets

Official Religion


Official Language


Knowledge of English

30% of Latvians speak English to some degree with most members of the younger generations being conversational. It’s easy to get by in Riga and tourist destinations with English.

Safety Concerns

Latvia is a safe, modern country with a low crime rate on par with the rest of the EU. Follow similar precautions as you would elsewhere in Europe and you should expect no violence or crime while in Latvia.

LGBT Safety and Protections

Latvia was rated the worst EU country in terms of LGBT rights, but although it lags behind other EU nations in terms of rights – it is a safe place to travel for LGBT tourists.

Despite social setbacks for Latvian citizens, there is an active LGBT community and social scene in Riga and there are protections for LGBT people in the nation.

Main Tourist Attractions

The main tourist attractions are in the city of Riga like the historic Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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