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Most LGBTQ+ travelers have a trip to gay Mykonos on their bucket lists. We were always in that same group until we checked it off and moved it to our list of favorite travel destinations where it will remain forevermore. The world-famous party island has pristine beaches, unrivaled nightlife and we can’t recommend it enough!

To help Mykonos-curious travel gays, we decided to put together a guide to this gem of the Aegean. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to plan your gaycation to Mykonos. Airplane to drag show – we give you all the must-know details. Wherever possible we have included links for you to find up to the minute pricing and availability. 

Our gay guide to Mykonos will prepare you with information on:

  • How  to Get to Mykonos
  • Where to Stay in Gay Mykonos
  • The Best Gay Beaches in Mykonos
  • Gay Bars and Clubs in Mykonos
  • Our Favorite Restaurants in Mykonos
  • Things to do in Mykonos and 
  • Our Best Mykonos Travel Tips

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How to Get to Mykonos

Our time in Mykonos capped off 10 days of Greek island hopping. We flew into Athens, took a ferry to Sifnos, then moved on to Santorini before reaching Mykonos.

We traveled by ferry between islands and booked our high-speed fares with Bookaway. It made it easy to have access to all the fares in one online search tool and be able to pull them up again with ease. It was our first time using them and we’ve gone back to them for train tickets since.

>>>  Book Ferries to Mykonos with Bookaway HERE <<<

When it was time to leave Mykonos we flew back to Athens. After spending one day in Athens, we flew home to Copenhagen. All of our airfare was booked through Skyscanner because we always find the best deals within Europe on their site.

>>> Book Flights to Mykonos, Athens or elsewhere with SkyScanner HERE <<<

Where to Stay in Gay Mykonos

The best place for a gay traveler in Mykonos to stay is in the main town of Chora or “Mykonos Town”. It’s a quintessentially Cycladic town with narrow, winding, stone streets and whitewashed buildings with blue trim.

It’s the perfect area of the island to stay in because you’ll probably end your evenings there with the restaurants and bars of Mykonos Town. We always recommend booking accommodation near a destination’s nightlife. At the end of the evening, you’ll be happy for the short walk home.

Taxis can be difficult to come by on Mykonos – even more reason to stay near the nightlife. You can take the bus or drive to the beaches during the day and it will be easier to arrange during the day.

Gay hotels Mykonos

Gay Mykonos Hotels

Mykonos has been attracting tourists for decades, so there are hotels all over the island. In Mykonos Town, supply doesn’t meet the demand at all times of the year, so be prepared to pay a premium for the summer months. This is especially true in August where gay travelers swarm the island.

Here are our recommended gay hotels in Mykonos showcasing a range of star-ratings:

Elysium Hotel

  • Most famous gay hotel on Mykonos
  • On-site drag show
  • Sweeping views of Mykonos Town and coast from the pool terrace

Hotel Alkyon

  • Gorgeous Family-run hotel
  • Large pool and terrace overlooking Mykonos Town
  • Walk to gay bars

Belvedere Hotel Mykonos

  • 5-star Luxury Hotel on a hilltop
  • Traditional whitewashed building with gym and two restaurants
  • Pool and spa on site

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  • Incredible value for the location and accommodations
  • Simple, pet-friendly rooms
  • Complimentary breakfast buffet
  • Gorgeous pool with sunny terrace

Gay Mykonos Airbnbs

If you’re traveling with a group, a Gay Mykonos Airbnb is a perfect option. Even for couples, you can find romantic lodging for two with more privacy. If you book early you can find great deals on a Mykonos Airbnb.

Gay Beaches in Mykonos

Mykonos is defined by powdery sand beaches and turquoise waters lapping the shores. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, and you can’t visit with at least one Mykonos gay beach day. 

There are three main gay beaches in Mykonos, Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, and Elia Beach. Here’s a quick comparison of each one with directions.

elia beach mykonos greek island hopping itinerary

Elia Beach

Elia Beach is one of the largest and gayest beaches in Mykonos. Upon arrival, head to the waterfront and walk to the right, there you’ll eventually find a rainbow flag and the gay section of the beach. It’s lined with rows of sun beds and umbrellas which are serviced for drinks.

It takes about 25 minutes to drive to Elia Beach and you can also get there by bus from the old port in Mykonos Town.

Parago Beach

Parago Beach is adjacent to Paradise Beach, which was actually the gay beach in the 1970s when the island first became a gay destination. These days, Paradise Beach is mostly inhabited by partying straight beachgoers, so the gays have relocated to Parago Beach, just up the cliff.

 It’s a small beach but full of sunbeds and a bar with music. There’s not a lot of privacy, but it’s popular with nudists.

Super Paradise Beach

Years ago Super Paradise Beach was exclusively gay, but it’s quite mixed these days and even attracts families. Head to Elia Beach if you want a true gay beach experience. There’s no nudity on Super Paradise Beach, but you will find music and a party atmosphere.

When you arrive, walk to the waterfront and head right, you’ll find the gayest section of the beach adjacent to Jackie O’s Beach Club. In the opposite direction, you’ll find Super Paradise Beach Club which is crowded from 4 pm on.

Definitely head to Jackie O’s Beach Club at least once during your time in gay Mykonos. The beach club has the same owners as the bar in Mykonos Town and it’s got a large bar and restaurant area with a pool, and jacuzzi. They have DJs and drag performers, are open until 1 am and busy every day of the season.

Agrari Beach

Adjacent to Elia Beach and beyond a rocky outcrop, you’ll find Agrari Beach. It’s popular with nude gay beachgoers and a little quieter than Elia Beach itself. There are sunbeds and umbrellas, but many at Agari opt for beach blankets and towels on the sand.

Gay Bars and Clubs in Mykonos

Besides the gorgeous Cycladic homes, turquoise waters, and golden beaches, the Mykonos nightlife scene is a key part of your gaycation. The evening festivities kick off a little later in Mykonos and can stretch way into the early morning (even through sunrise), so plan accordingly. A disco nap between the beach and happy hour is always smart.

Jackie O's

You will undoubtedly spend some time at the most famous bar in Mykonos, Jackie O’s. It’s located near the cruising spot on the Paraportiani waterfront with a scenic ocean terrace. It’s where practically everyone ends their evening, so Jackie O’s is often packed by late evening. 

Drinks at Jackie O’s can be pricey, even for Mykonos standards. It’s basically a popularity premium, but it covers the sexy staff and drag performances that you can enjoy while there.


Located adjacent to Jackie O’s on the Paraportiani waterfront is the trendy bar, Babylon. Like its neighbor, there is an outdoor terrace with lounge seating and indoor space to spread out. Babylon also fills up a little earlier and you can expect a large crowd by midnight. Their drinks are a bit cheaper than next-door, but you’ll probably still bounce back and forth.


LOLA is a classic gay cocktail lounger, complete with portraits of Hollywood starlets and eclectic items and design features. You’ll love the laid back vibe and kitschy environment at LOLA. It’s our favorite spot to pop in after dinner as the start of our night out.


Katerina’s is a sea-facing cocktail bar and restaurant that oozes charm. It’s a bit pricey due to the location along Little Venice, but you have to stop there for at least one drink while in Mykonos. The food at Katerina’s is tasty, especially the seafood dishes.

elysium gay mykonos sunset mykonos


Elysium Hotel hosts the absolute BEST sunset happy hour and drag show on the island. It’s an experience that you simply must have during your time on Mykonos. I don’t just recommend it because I’ve participated – it’s truly entertaining and includes a crazy-talented cast.

Arrive at least an hour before sunset so that you can enjoy drinks around the pool and mingle before showtime. The pool deck is always packed with a fun crowd to chat up and the views cannot be beaten.


If you want to dance and be seen, head to @54. The name is a nod to New York City’s famous disco, Studio 54. It shares the same carefree, anything-goes vibe but it’s quintessential gay Mykonos at the same time. 

The atmosphere is phenomenal, the staff is warm and friendly and there’s an outside terrace. It’s located near Taxi (Manto) Square and opens seasonally, so enjoy @54 in the summer months.

Our Favorite Restaurants in Mykonos

There are a lot of great places to eat in Mykonos but here are two of our favorites.

restaurants Mykonos

NiKo's Taverna

(website) For local Greek cuisine and fresh seafood, Niko’s Taverna is the perfect stop. We love to eat there because it’s close to the gay bars and super authentic. The saganaki was incredible (and we ordered it at almost every meal for 10 whole days).

Nice n Easy Organic Bistro

(website) Nice n Easy serves delicious food, especially seafood, on their waterfront patio with lovely ocean views. It’s located on Alefkandra Square and is perfect to dine and watch the sunset. Make a reservation, because tables fill up quickly, but even if you have to wait – it’s worth it!

Things To Do in Mykonos

While the beaches, bars, drag shows, and delicious Greek men… er, food… will keep you busy – here are some great activities to fill your agenda to the brim.

Top Activities

Top Group Activities

Gay Mykonos Travel Tips

Here are some quick travel tips to keep in mind during your trip to Greece.

Do You Tip in Greece?

You should tip 5 – 10% in Greece but in some tourist zones (like Mykonos) gratuity can be added or rounded up on your bill. Check this first! If it’s not included, leave the tip on the table or tell the waiter to keep the change when paying in cash. With a card payment, you may have to tell the waiter what amount you’d like to pay before they run the card through.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads is our ONLY source for travel insurance. Not to nag – but it’s important to travel with insurance these days. Considering the small cost you pay, it’s worth the peace of mind. Illness, flight cancellations and other emergencies come up all the time. If you get sick or having to change your travel plans it’s crucial to be covered.

gay travel Mykonos

Mykonos Sightseeing

When we book excursions, tours, museums, or attractions we always use GetYourGuide. The reasons why are simple: online booking, immediate confirmation, receiving tickets online through electronic vouchers, and skipping the lines.

The tours above are all available through GYG, and you can search all their options in Mykonos HERE.

The Best Time of Year to Visit Gay Mykonos

You don’t need any gay guide to tell you, but the most crowded months in Mykonos are July and August. For a more quiet experience, the months of May and September give you great weather and fewer crowds. August is of course the busiest month for gay travel to Mykonos.  

gay travel Mykonos little venice

Now You're Ready to Visit Gay Mykonos

Without question – you will love visiting Mykonos. It’s not the premier gay travel destination for no reason. The island of Mykonos has a magical way of drawing you in and wrapping you up in its grandeur. 

Make sure to let us know what you think of Mykonos and anything we may have missed.

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