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We love to be part of the travel blogging community and guest posting helps make that happen. Guest posts have helped us expand our audience over the years and has ignited relationships with other bloggers in our niche. We always appreciate the opportunity to share our experiences on other blogs and open our platform to others in the same spirit. 

Can you add to our site? Do you have content that we haven’t covered yet? Then we would love to hear from you. 

Topics We Love

You’ve probably already looked around our blog and noticed what we write about. Our tone of voice and choice of topics isn’t by chance and it certainly isn’t unique.

 You may have a similar style, or are into the same topics. Heck, that’s likely how you found us. Maybe you already write about some of the things we cover. If this is the case, we are a great place for you to display your talents, represent your brand and expand your audience. 

Can you cover any of these topics in a guest post?

  • Weekend Travel Itineraries (template provided)
  • City Guides (template provided)
  • Expat Challenges and How to Overcome Them
  • Expat Advice
  • LGBT Travel Experiences
  • Couples Travel
  • First Time Traveling Experiences
  • Copenhagen Content

We’ll also consider any content and topic that will be important to our readers. We aren’t backpackers – but many of our readers are. That could be a great chance to guest post and attract them to your backpacking blog.

Use our submission form below to pitch any idea not suggested above!

Who Makes a Good Guest Writer

We want to feature guest posts from writers and bloggers who are fun, witty, passionate and culturally intelligent. Since we focus on the expatriating and travel niches, it makes sense if you already write about these topics on your own blog. The idea is to add value to our site through your post. We want our readers to gain from your insight and writing. 

Tone and quality are important, so we feature writers who can produce a well-written article that’s easy to read. We like to read and share posts from people that grab our interest and make us laugh, smile or cringe right along with them. 

We do not publish spammy or poorly-written pieces or posts from businesses. Our guest writers are other members of the travel and expat blogging communities. 

Why Guest Post on Robe Trotting?

Guest writing is a great way to grow your blog, especially as you launch your online brand. Robe Trotting is an excellent place to showcase your talents and get some traffic to your blog. It does this through direct referral from backlinks you can place in your guest post. You will also build the authority of your blog by having backlinks places on other credible blogs and websites.

Guest posting also increases visibility of your blog and your brand. You’ll immediately be in front of thousands of new readers who already have an interest in your niche. Blogging is all about exposure and guest posting gives you that. Essentially, our readers instantly become your readers! 

What EXACTLY Do You Get?

For writing a guest post on Robe Trotting we will give you at least one permanent, in-text, do-follow backlink to a qualified post on your blog.

We will also provide a similar link to your homepage and one social media in an author bio that you provide.

At minimum you will have two permanent, do-follow backlinks to your site. In addition you get links to your social media and promotion of your content across our social media.

Get Started

Sound good to you? Check out our Guest Post Guidelines below and lets get started. You can send an email with your name, blog URL, and your topic idea to 

You can also complete the Guest Post Pitch Form below.

Guest Post Guidelines

Here’s what we’re looking for in guest posts. 

  1. Most importantly your post must be great content! This means it’s something you are proud of and want to share. You should believe in it and want more of the world to see it (that’s why you guest post it). We want it to be valuable to our readers and therefore have them become your readers.
  2. Your post must be original. This means that it doesn’t appear elsewhere on your website or any others before or after we publish it. You’re welcome to link to the post and flex on it from your social media, but don’t republish the content.
  3. Your post should be at least 1,000 words, well-written and free of grammar and spelling mistakes. Proofread and edit before submission. Posts of over 1,500 words can include 2 in-text, do-follow backlinks to qualified posts on your page.
  4. You should include at least 3 relevant photographs that you own and have the rights to share. They should be at least 1000 pixels and landscape format. 
  5. Your writing should be free of spam. This means no spammy links, affiliate or irrelevant links and do not promote your blog, products or service.
  6.  You don’t have to be an SEO expert, but you should use keywords and longtail keywords in your writing. 
  7. We reserve the right to make edits for SEO purposes but will make every effort to do so without changing the tone of your writing.
  8. We reserve the right to add additional information if we find it necessary for our reader’s experience.

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