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We love to travel. We’re also gay. Part of what shapes our trip planning, destinations and they types of travel we enjoy is the fact that we’re gay travelers. Naturally, we want to share our experiences from our gay holidays, highlight LGBT destinations and provide tips and advice for other gay travelers.

We place our gay travel into three categories: gay destinations, gay holidays and overall travel while gay. They may sound similar, but when it comes to planning travel – there are some important differences.

We use those three categories to organize our gay travel posts. Read on for more details and some of our favorite topics in each category.

Gay Destinations

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Gay destinations are some of our favorite travel spots. We’ve logged a lot of trips to great day destinations from Sitges to Mykonos. Most major cities in Europe, North America and around the world also fall into this category. You’ll find great gay communities in London, Manchester, Lisbon and Amsterdam with all of the other attractions that make them fantastic travel destinations.

When you visit a gay destination, you’ll find a large and visible LGBT community and nightlife scene. There’s undoubtedly other things to do and see, but you can travel openly and find gay-owned businesses like restaurants and hotels. Gay destinations make for safe and entertaining holidays that also offer immersion in the local culture.

Gay Holidays and LGBT Vacations

Gay holidays and LGBT vacations are trips planned for specific gay and LGBT events or gay-only trips. This could be a gay cruise or resort that caters solely to gay travelers. It could be traveling to a new city to experience their LGBT Pride events and parties.

A gay holiday can be different that visiting a gay destinations. Usually there is less focus on doing outside tours or cultural excursions. A gay holiday tends to involve a lot more partying and everything that goes with it.

Travel While Gay

Different gay travelers approach travel in different ways. For many, a gay holiday isn’t important and neither is a gay community. Many LGBT travelers prefer not to be defined by their sexuality while traveling – they only care about the destination.

We fall into this category a lot, and most gay travelers weave in and out of all three gay travel types. For gay travelers, hard choices surround what kinds of destinations you visit.

Some gay travelers swear off destinations that do not protect their rights in the same way that their home countries do. For other travelers, this is less important than seeing the world.

LGBT Travel Resources

All gay travelers benefit from the experiences of other gay travelers. Whether you want to learn more about gay bars in Berlin or where to find an underground gay cafe in Jordan – the expertise of others is crucial.

LGBT travelers have unique concerns in travel related to safety and acceptance. Rights can be gained or lost as gay travelers cross borders – so information is your friend as a gay traveler.

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