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Expat life is an adventure – it sure has been for us!

Living abroad isn’t something for everyone, but we are so happy that we made the plunge back in 2017. For us it happened fast and required a lot of online searches, chats with acquaintances who have lived the expat life and consuming as much information as possible. We still had countless questions, plenty of trepidation and all the ups and downs of living abroad ahead of us.

No matter how you prepare, becoming an expat is an intense experience. Daily life as an expat is unpredictable and it’s a roller coaster of emotions. You’ll deal with homesickness, culture shock and maybe even expat depression.

As an expat you have to deal with all kinds of family upheaval, figuring out where to live in a country you barely know and all the while relearn simple tasks like how to use appliances and the postal service. All of these challenges come down on you while you’re learning your way around a new city and making friends abroad.

That abroad life is no joke! Just in the first 30 days of living abroad you can deal with more obstacles than 30 months of living in your home country. STILL, it’s all worth it and a truly amazing experience to live in another country and culture.

To help others adapt to expat life and to share some of our experiences, battle scars and war stories we created this subset of Robe Trotting. Expat life isn’t just about getting to travel to far off places and look good on social media – it’s a new life far away from your safety net.

We’ve compiled our own expat tips, advice and recommendations in various posts. We’ve consulted experts on expat issues and topics that we know are important for anyone living abroad.

Key Expat Life Posts

Expat Life Stories

We’ve always found that the best expat tips and advice come from other expats. Talking to others who have been in this position has helped us to navigate living, working and thriving abroad.

Here are a collection of posts from expats around the globe. They come from different home countries and decided to move abroad to other locations for a new life. They all have a different story to tell and we find inspiration in their words and experiences.

You can even start with our story of living in Copenhagen HERE.