Our friends are planning a visit in September. Our original plan was to bookend their trip with time in Copenhagen and hit Oktoberfest for the weekend. A little into the planning process, we realized that an Oktoberfest trip takes considerable more preparation and we looked for other options. We settled on Stockholm out of interest and economy - $88 roundtrip tickets are pretty persuasive. This is not my first time to Stockholm, I was there just a month ago, but this trip should be pretty different because I won't be traveling alone. Yes, I traveled alone for the first time when I went to Stockholm in July. Mike was away on business and I found a flight even cheaper than the previously mentioned one so I booked it.

Traveling alone for pleasure wasn't scary to me, as I am more of an extravert. It also wasn't the religious experience that some people make it out to be. I never saw Eat Pray Love, but I watched the trailer and it wasn't like that either. Don't let having to travel alone keep you from seeing new places. It was more enjoyable than I anticipated and here's why.

One of the best parts of expatriating is travel. The simple fact of living abroad means getting to easily travel in a new region. Living in Copenhagen, I can get on a plane and be in Southern Spain in the same time I could travel from Philadelphia to South Florida. Unlike traveling around the United States, however, Europe's unique regions are incredibly diverse in cultural influence, spoken language and centuries of history that make even a short car ride seem like you've been transported to a new world. Here, I'll talk about our top European city breaks.

The cheap airfare and short flights made travel appealing to Mike and I during our first six months in Denmark. We also were unsure of how permanent our stay in Copenhagen was, so we made the most of our expat experience and saw as much as we could of beautiful Europe.

Preparing to travel can be exhausting. There's a long list of things to plan from lodging to transportation and of course what to do when you get there. While tour groups can alleviate some of this burden, many people still prefer to take the ball themselves and travel like a local. Whatever your destination, getting to experience life as the natives do can bring your travel to the next level. Here are some tips on how to travel Copenhagen like a local with examples from my adoptive home, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Late last month I took a once in a lifetime trip with some of my favorite people. I went to Paris and Amsterdam with Mike and my sister Jillian. We spent 3 scorching hot weekdays in Paris and then it was time to travel by train to Amsterdam. There we ended on the highest note of the trip (pun intended). Two amazing capitals of Europe in one week! Here is a roundup of our favorite Amsterdam activities.