Since expatriating to Copenhagen, Mike and I have been lucky enough to travel all over. We often make art museums part of our travels, even though neither of us is a true art lover. Still, when you're in Paris, you have to see The Louvre and in Amsterdam, you must see Van Gogh. Therefore, we have grown to appreciate art as part of our travels. It's been an element of traveling that we struggled with at first. We now know there are ways in which visiting art museums can go poorly. Here are our tips on how to visit an art museum. They can help you make the most out of a visit to a museum and keep you from having a bad time.

Last summer we embarked on the best of Greek Island hopping holidays. With the help of some experienced collaborators, we assembled a perfect getaway to Greece. Since then, we have been asked about our Greek island hopping itinerary many times. We are always happy to share it with friends and family, but wanted readers to have it too! Read more to see how we blended the best of everything. We really had it all on this vacation! There was relaxation, partying, history and amazing Greek food during our Greek island hopping tour.

Last December, we joined 4 friends in Marrakech, Morocco. There we enjoyed a fun winter city break. The 3 days in Marrakech celebrated Mike's and our friend Steven's birthdays. This last minute Marrakech trip was a perfect Moroccan holiday. We did some awesome Marrakech excursions. We also found an affordable Marrakech all inclusive hotel. Here are all the details of our trip and how you can find the best things to do in Marrakech.

Earlier this year, we set out on an incredible and affordable African safari. The adventure took us from the city of Johannesburg to the Kalahari Desert, Okavango Delta and finished in Victoria Falls. There were so many highlights on this Botswana safari. We did it all - Okavango Delta flight, Chobe River safari, safari through Chobe National Park and many Victoria Falls activities. This safari in Botswana was booked through G Adventures Africa. Below, we'll break down the safari itinerary, show you stunning pictures of the amazing wildlife and give you our G Adventures review.

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Prague is a fantastic destination for any traveler. There are so many things to do in Prague! This makes it extremely popular with tourists. In fact, whenever we have friends visit, it's in the mix for a side trip from Copenhagen. That's a big reason why we have been to Prague 4 times since moving to Europe. Each visit has been unique and we have done a number of good Prague tours as well as a few day trips from Prague. Here are our honest Prague tour reviews for 8 of the most popular Prague tours.

Earlier this month, we enjoyed an unbelievable trek through Africa with boat rides, camping and a lot of animals. The trip included so many highlights! Our first night we went camping inside a rhino sanctuary in the Kalahari Desert. We did a sunset cruise on the Chobe River and watched a family of elephants bathing at sundown. We wrapped up in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. To be cliche, we felt truly #blessed during the entire experience. That was until the last day of our tour when we would head to Cape Town. There, we would spend four nights on our own before returning to Copenhagen. Unfortunately, this was impossible due to an issue meeting South African passport requirements.

This month we went on a fantastic trip that took us to three nations in southern Africa and a one night stay in the middle east. We landed in Johannesburg, South Africa and trekked through Botswana and Zimbabwe before spending a night in Doha, Qatar on our way home. This trip was unforgettable and different from a lot of places we have traveled over the years. Besides the incredible beauty of the landscapes and the animals we encountered, we loved the cultures we experienced along the way. Still, we were acutely aware of the fact that we, a gay couple, clashed harshly with the laws and culture of 3 of those 4 nations. Yes, we were traveling to anti-LGBT countries and we had an amazing time.