Mike and I love to visit the Alsace. When we spent a weekend in Strasbourg recently, we were blown away by how much there is to do. We had plans to visit a nearby village for a half-day trip and canceled that plan almost immediately. Sometimes, you have to call an audible even with plenty of trip planning and research. In this case, we changed things around because there are so many things to do in Strasbourg. It was a pleasant surprise! Wondering what to do in Strasbourg? Here's our list of the top 20 things to do in Strasbourg to help you out.

After successfully enjoying Oktoberfest in Munich, we thought it only right to compile a complete guide to Oktoberfest. We explain how to come up with your own Oktoberfest plan and tricks to celebrate the famous German beer festival - Oktoberfest. Read on and learn where to stay for Oktoberfest, tents, table reservations, food, hotels, prices, getting an outfit and more. We also include Oktoberfest tips from a couple of travel influencers with experience. Prost!

After first visiting the French Alsace last year, we were well-aware of the wonders of the region. When we had the chance to visit the area again this autumn, we were excited to start planning. There are a lot of cool towns and quaint villages along the Rhine River. This time we settled on Strasbourg. Here's everything we learned and can pass on to you. Read more for what to do in Strasbourg with a focus on the best things to do, restaurants to visit and hotels to stay at in this fairy tale city.

Philadelphia is an amazing city. I grew up in the suburbs and then lived in the city for 10 years. Obviously I love Philly and I was never at a loss for things to do when I lived there. Mike and I still enjoy playing tourist in our home city and giving recommendations to others who visit Philly. There are so many Philadelphia tours and attractions! It can be overwhelming and expensive. We recently started recommending a way to get more bang for your buck with the Go Philadelphia Pass. It will save you time and money when you visit Philly and help you to maximize your Philadelphia sightseeing. Lets compare the different options.

We moved to Copenhagen, Denmark from Philadelphia in 2017. Since moving, we look forward to having a few trips back to Philly each year. Visiting Philadelphia is a lot different than living there. We have to cram in seeing family, reuniting with friends and finding fun things to do in Philadelphia. Heck, we’re still using vacation time, so we want to make sure we enjoy it when we travel "home". Sometimes we only have one day in Philadelphia and need to make the most of it.

Besides traveling to Philadelphia ourselves, we often have friends in Denmark ask us for travel tips to Philadelphia. Sometimes they’re going for work and sometimes for pleasure. Occasionally they’re even just doing a day trip to Philadelphia from elsewhere in the states.

Because our own travel experiences to Philly have changed, we decided to write a local's guide for one day in Philadelphia. It's the perfect one day itinerary for a day trip to Philadelphia.

If you'll be in Philly for more than a day - don't worry. We got you. It can still be applied to a weekend or even a week staying in Philadelphia. We want to give you plenty of options, so you could tackle them all if you have longer to visit. This guide can easily be applied to a 1, 2, 3, or 5 day Philadelphia itinerary. You can also read about day trips from Philadelphia if you've got more time in the region.

Every time we travel back to our hometown we have to think about where to stay, what to do and what to see in Philadelphia. Luckily, we lived there for years, so we know what we're planning. That's why we're sharing our answers with you. Here are our top picks and recommendations for what to do in Philadelphia.