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Expat Life – The Hidden Trade-Offs of Living Abroad

We have found a lot of silver linings to living abroad. Despite being away from family and friends, these things keep us focused on the positive #expatlife


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Culture Clash: How Michelle Obama Annoyed One of the Happiest Countries on Earth

Michelle Obama visited Copenhagen Denmark on her book tour and left the Danish audience wanting more. The letdown could have been avoided if there was more cultural understanding of Denmark on the part of Mrs. Obama.

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Expat Advice – Avoid the Travel Trap

There are all kinds of mistakes that expats can make in the beginning of their life abroad. For us, one of those mistakes was the travel trap.

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My 7 Biggest Surprises Moving to Denmark

It’s been 2 years since I first moved to Copenhagen as an American expat. Here are some of the biggest surprises I experienced in daily life in Denmark.

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Expat Life – Leaving Loved Ones Behind

When I was young, my aunt moved to California from Philadelphia. I didn’t really comprehend what that meant, I just knew that she wasn’t around as much and missed things that I wish I could have shared with her – birthdays, soccer games and even some holidays. As I was planning to move to Copenhagen […]

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Expat Life 4 Months In – Advice for the Early Stage of Expatriating

Expat Life - Advice for the early stage of expatriating

This week marked four months since I arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark to reunite with my partner, Mike and begin our journey as American expats. I was also featured on an awesome blog, Young American Expat, where they asked me to talk about my experience and provide advice. I decided to reflect a little deeper on […]

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“Celebrating” July 4th Abroad

There was a time when I would joke that people shouldn’t celebrate Independence Day outside of the original 13 colonies. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, the birthplace of America, so July 4th always had a high degree of importance. In Copenhagen, Denmark July 4th is just “Tuesday” and as you can imagine, not observed. […]

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“Can you be in Copenhagen on Monday?”

“Can you be in Copenhagen on Monday?” – that was how this whole adventure started back in November 2016 when Mike was asked to go to Denmark for a business trip on almost zero notice. After being briefed on the trip, he called me that Friday afternoon to ensure we didn’t have anything else going […]

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