The 20 Best Places To Visit in October in Europe

The 20 Best Places To Visit in October in Europe

Europe is an incredible travel destination full of diverse cultures, landscapes and peoples. It’s a wondrous place to visit any time of year with each season providing a different experience. Of course the weather is wonderful in the summer and the winter Christmas markets are stunning – but the best time to visit Europe is Autumn. But what are the best places to visit in Europe in October, September and early November?

We think deciding where to go on holiday in October is best done by narrowing what you want to do on the trip. There are places to visit in Europe in October that give you a late beach season and October sun. Others have fall festivals and wine harvests that you won’t want to miss. Some have exceptional hiking, fall foliage and outdoor attractions.

We’ve sought the advice of friends and influencers that know about the best places to visit in October in Europe. They’ve shared their thoughts on where to go for each type of Fall travel experience. Here are their recommendations and tips to help you plan an Autumn adventure in Europe.

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If an Autumn travel experience gives you visions of bright leaves, mountain hikes and the wonders of nature – visit Europe!

This collection of Fall destinations will get you out of Europe’s cities and into the fall foliage. These are the best destinations to go hiking and find wanderlust in the woods. After you visit these outdoor destination, you’ll understand why Fall is the best time to visit Europe.

1. Hiking in Mallorca: Trail GR 221

best places to visit in october in europe mallorca
Adriana from Czech the World

Mallorca is the largest Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a part of Balearic Islands and its capital in the charming city of Palma. There is an international airport only 8 km east of Palma.

Mallorca is known not only for its beautiful beaches but there is also a famous trek GR 221. It’s a long-distance route that leads through the Tramuntana mountain range and picturesque villages. The trail is among the best places to visit in October in Europe because temperatures are lower and more pleasant. In Autumn, the sea is still quite warm, so you can count on some swimming stops on the way.

Trail GR 221 is over 120 km long, starts in Arrac town and stretches to Port de Pollença. We especially liked the part from Valldemossa (lovely mountain village) to Lake Cúber and Lluc Monastery. Don’t forget to stop at Port de Sóller – a picturesque city with a beautiful bay. Even though the trek ends in Port de Pollença, we highly recommend visiting Cap de Formentor – there is a lighthouse overlooking impressive cliffs.

There are huts called refugees, which can be described as hikers’ hostels. They can be booked in advance and the price is around 15 euro per night. Drinking water can be found in every village and there are marked water sources even in the mountains (better to have an offline map to find them). Check this Mallorca’s GR 221 trekking guide to find more tips and details of the trail.

2. Hiking in Spain: Garrotxa

Claudia from My Adevntures Across the World

The fall certainly is the best time of year to enjoy all the hikes in Garrotxa. At this time of year you enjoy days that are still fairly long, though you really have to be flexible with your schedule as it may rain a lot and hiking is not ideal after heavy rain. It’s also a great season for foliage – the best place to admire that is La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, which is perfect for walking and enjoy nature in general. 

This region of Catalonia is famous for its extinguished volcanoes and for being right at the foot of the Pyrenees. That’s why you will find an abundance of hiking trails of various length and difficulty levels. 

Hikes in Garrotxa often connect villages, they go to small churches in the middle of nowhere, and afford incredible views. 

One of the best hikes is Cami de Gantxos, a circular hike which starts in the village of Joanetes and goes to Santa Magdalena church. This is a very difficult hike which you are better off not doing by yourself. The terrain can be uneven, with steep steps and some vertical walls that you literally need to climb using a few hooks (gantxos, in Catalonian) that have been placed in recent times. There is no protection whatsoever, and if you get the slightest vertigo you may fall down. 

Once you reach the peak, the views are spectacular. You walk back through the forest, after having visited the small church. 

The trail is well marked, but keep in mind that the timings on the signs are all off. Given the difficulty, you may take well over 7 hours to complete the trail. 

3. Explore The English Countryside

best places to visit in europe in october cotswald
Sarah from Live Dream Discover

Southern England is a great destination for a fall holiday. From early September to late October, the weather is generally pleasant, most of the tourists have left, and you can choose from a city escape in London, beautiful fall foliage in the countryside or the fresh sea air of the coast. There are several airports to fly into and you can make London your base for day trips or book a charming bed and breakfast or cottage in a smaller town just a short journey away. 

The historic city of London is always vibrant but in the fall you won’t have the massive crowds to deal with that you do in the summer. It’s a perfect time of year for long walks along the River Thames and through the many parks and green spaces in the city. Kew Gardens and Richmond Park are two of our personal favorite spots to enjoy an autumn stroll.

For fall foliage the English countryside is a quick train or car ride from London. If you have a car, exploring the fairy-tale-like villages of the Costwolds is one of our top suggestions. The drive between these quaint towns is a treat all it’s own as you pass green meadows full of grazing sheep surrounded by old stone walls. Another spot for beautiful scenery and vibrant fall colors is the New Forest National Park where you can spot the famous wild ponies.

Fall in England may not be suntanning weather but the stunning coastline is still one of the best places to be this time of year. The seaside towns like Brighton and Bournemouth that are packed in the summer months are pleasantly quiet. You can spend your time taking long walks on the beach, have some fun at the pier arcades and eat fish and chips out of paper wrapping while listening to the surf and seagulls.

4. Get Lost in The Fall Foliage of Belgium's Sonian Forest

best places to visit in October in Europe Sonian forest Belgium
Bhushavali from My Travelogue

Sonian Forest is the largest green area in the whole of Brussels. It’s so big that it spreads out to 2 other regions of Belgium: Wallonia and Flanders. Since the whole forest is so very big, we chose the Groenendaal trail. It was suggested by the locals as a pleasing trail with beautiful views and without much elevation differences! It also includes an enclave protected by UNESCO for its primeval beech trees!

Sonian Forest in autumn is a magical experience. The pathway into the forest was just surreal, covered completely with autumn leaves making it look as if its untrodden, though these are actually way marked trails!!! It’s one of the most beautiful, most natural, most stunning, most picturesque places that I’ve seen.

And, if the never-ending trees and shying sunlight bores you, there are little wooden bridges here and there crossing pristine waters. There is a tiny little chapel of Saint Cornelius and the ruins of Ruusbroec church for you to stop by! Apart from these, there’s also an arboretum and museum at the starting point of the trail.

The nearest railway station is Groenendaal, which is about 15 minutes from Brussels (Schuman, Luxembourg).

5. Hike Through The Changing Colors in Norway

best places to visit in europe in october norway
Aga from Worldering Around

If you are looking for a place for your hiking holidays in the Fall, put Norway on your list. It’s an interesting destination around the year, but fall in Scandinavia allows you to see the magic of the changing colors and hike in the crisp mountain air. Visiting Norway in the fall is a great idea if you want to avoid the crowds that flock to the mountains in the summer. During the fall season, you can admire the beauty of the landscape in peace.

 The country of fjords has a lot to offer for outdoor lovers. You can choose the hikes in the high mountains, forest tours or walks overlooking the fjords, such as the famous Kjerag hike where you can step on the boulder hanging 1000 meters above the water. From the top of Kjerag, you can admire a breathtaking view of the 42-kilometre long Lysefjord below. If you want to do this hike, I recommend the end of August or September. For trekking later in the Fall, attempt the hike only if you have experience in the mountains and know how to deal with rapidly changing weather.

Norway has multiple airports and it’s served by the airlines from around the world. Fall is best to be experienced in the south of the country, as the north welcomes winter early. The airports to consider flying into would be Oslo, Stavanger or Bergen.

6. Beat The Crowds at Lake Bled

october in europe lake bled
Antonette from We12Travel

If there’s one place in the Balkans that has received an overload of tourism over the past couple of years, it’s Lake Bled. During my most recent visit to Slovenia, I found out that the Slovenians find it quite hard to handle all the tourists that arrive in the summer. It gets way too crowded and usually, there’s no parking space. However, if you decide to travel there in the fall, you will definitely be rewarded.

In the fall (October) you will be able to enjoy a much more quiet Lake Bled than in summer. You can visit the island on a traditional ‘pletna’ (boat) or look at it from various positions around the lake. Alternatively, there’s a few hiking trails all around the lake that you can enjoy while in the area.

A bonus is of course that the leaves will be coloring, making the scenery even more photogenic than in other times of the year. Usually, the coloring will start early October but this will also depend on how long the summer has lasted that same year. However, normally October is a great time of the year to visit if you’d like to experience Lake Bled in the fall!

7. Do a Foliage Road Trip Through Portugal's Duoro River Valley

best places to visit in october in europe duoro river valley

One of the best places around the world for fall foliage is Portugal’s Duoro River Valley. It’s also one of the best places to visit in October in Europe and map out a road trip. Driving along the river, you can stop at scenic outlooks and take photos of the landscape.

The area is also full of vineyards that harvest port wine in this brilliant region of northern Portugal. If you plan you visit for the last week of October, you should catch the most vibrant fall colors and the port wine vineyards will be harvesting. The grape leaves also turn a bright orange color so the grape fields are as spectacular as the trees.

One of the best ways to begin your road trip is to fly into Porto and spend a day or two enjoying the culture, food and sampling port wines. Then you can explore Braga to the north or chart a course along the Duoro River. Either way, you won’t be let down and you’ll see why this area is so special in the autumn months.

The Best Places To Visit in October In Europe For Fall Festivals and Wine Harvests

In many ways, fall is the best time to visit Europe because of the events and festivals. For many city destination, as soon as the summer crowds leave – the real fun starts. It’s non-stop action during September, October and even into November. Oh, and that’s when the Christmas Market season begins, so it’s just one festive season into the next!

Fall in Europe has a feeling of starting a new school year and everyone being back from their summer holidays. It has a buzz, and locals like to celebrate together – so join them!

Some fall festivals in Europe have been going on for centuries and are centered around the autumn harvest. Others are to celebrate the autumnal equinox and others are for fall wine production. Oktoberfest needs no explanation, but the history of celebrating a Bavarian royal wedding is recreated worldwide each year.

Here’s our list of the best places to visit in Europe in October for fall festivals and wine harvests.

8. Do a Vineyard Tour Through Romania's Wine Road

best places to visit in october in europe romania wine road
Ingrid from Ingrid Zen Moments

Romania is not a destination on many people’s list, however, it surely is a place to consider visiting during fall. Even though its capital Bucharest transforms itself and busts stunning colors, I suggest renting a car and heading for the mountains, or even better going on a one week in Romania road trip.

As you drive towards Prahova Valley – the closest mountain reserve from Bucharest, the scenery will start to change and will unravel unforgettable mountains and stunning foliage.

Follow the Romanian wine road and stop by for a wine tasting and some traditional Romanian food at Rhein cellars in Azuga. Learn about the history of wine in Romania, and taste some traditional Champagne.

Visit Brasov, one of the loveliest towns in Romania, and climb to the Hollywood-like sign, walk through one of the narrowest streets in Eastern Europe (Strada Sforii), and discover the history of the 2 towers in town (the White Tower and the Black Tower).

Choose to stay overnight or drive further to the Rucar-Bran region – nature and Dracula Castle will be waiting. The winding road between Brasov and Rasnov is one of the most beautiful roads to take during fall or winter. You’ll want to stop and take pictures at every point especially as you get to the top of the hill and Brasov unwinds in front of your eyes. 

A wine-filled trip close to Dracula’s Castle makes Romania one of the best places to visit in October in Europe.

9. Sample Wine in Evora, Portugal

De Wet and Jin from Museum of Wander

Rolling wheat fields in fifty shades of brown are only interrupted by olive groves, oak forests and white-washed villages as you head into Portugal’s Alentejo region. Just over an hour’s drive from Lisbon, the stunning town of Evora is the perfect place for food and wine lovers who are looking for a unique European city break during Fall. 

Come to Evora in Fall and the surrounding fields and vineyards will be golden, with long sunny days and warm daytime temperatures. If that’s not perfect for sitting outside at a cafe in the town square with a bottle of wine, I don’t know what is.

There are several wineries around town where you could go for wine tastings. From August until October you could join a tour which includes harvesting grapes by hand followed by some good old barefoot grape stomping before a wine tasting session.

Whitewashed and cobblestoned, Evora is best enjoyed on foot. Strolling the white washed alleys inside the medieval walls will take you to the ancient Roman temple, baroque churches, the aqueduct, sunny squares, delicious bakeries and even more wine tasting opportunities.

Do yourself a favor and go for dinner at Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira. Reservations are essential.

The bizarre Capela dos Ossos, or Chapel of Bones, is Evora’s most famous monument and should not be missed, even more so if you’re here around Halloween. The interior of this chapel is decorated from floor to ceiling with human skulls and bones!

We came to Evora in search of the Portugal’s best red wines. We will return though for its incredible yet unpretentious gastronomy, slow, laid-back life and of course the red wine. It’s easy to see why some refer to Alentejo as the New Tuscany, yet it is undeniably Portugal. 

10. Experience Scotland's Fall Festivals and Natural Beauty

best places to visit in october in europe robe-trotting bruar scotland perthshire
Kathi from Watch Me See

Scotland is a fascinating destination all year-round, but once the purple color on the heather-covered hills of late summer turns into the glowing golden-orange hues of bracken fern, you know your senses are in for a treat. 

In my opinion, the most beautiful place to visit in Scotland in autumn is Perthshire. The region is also known as Big Tree Country and is covered in endless hectares of mixed woodlands. Witness the fall foliage on the easy hiking trails at the Hermitage near Dunkeld or by the Falls of Bruar in Blair Atholl. The trees of Perthshire are a dream for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Fall is also a great time to attend festivals all over Scotland. During North East Open Studios (NEOS) artists and makers all over Aberdeenshire in north-east Scotland open their studio and gallery spaces to let visitors in on their process. They offer workshops, special editions of their artwork and more. I went away with so much inspiration! 

On the other side of the country, the Isle of Islay hosts its annual food & drink festival showcasing delicious local produce including its nine (!) whisky distilleries. On neighboring Jura, the Jura Music Festival provides a stage for local musicians as well as bands from further afield.

Whether you come for the fall foliage in Perthshire, an artist festival in Aberdeenshire or music, food & drink on a Scottish isle, you won’t regret visiting Scotland this fall.

Fly into Edinburgh or Glasgow airport, hire a car and explore the country at your own pace.

11. Enjoy The Wine Harvest Festivals in Georgia's Kakheti Region

Emily from Wander-Lush

Georgia is a good idea no matter the season. Without a doubt, one of the best times of year to visit the Caucasus nation is in fall.

Georgia is most readily associated with three things: Alpine hiking, its national cuisine, and of course, wine. In the autumn months, all three are in bountiful supply. Since this is the cradle of viticulture (the earliest evidence of wine production in Georgia dates back to 6,000BC), it only makes sense to visit during the annual harvest.

Rtveli as its known sees the whole country swept-up in grape harvesting, wine festivals, and feasting. Many Georgian families make their own wine and take time off work or school during Rtveli to tend their ancestral vineyards. Larger wineries kick into full gear as the harvest rolls out across Kakheti, Georgia’s main wine-producing region, and Imereti in the country’s west.

Rtveli usually takes place over a weekend in late September/early October, but the good vibes reverberate throughout the entire season. Apart from the wine vintage, you can enjoy fall colors and seasonal cuisine (mushrooms especially). September is a nice time for hiking, while in Batumi and along the Black Sea Coast, September/October is known as ‘Velvet Season’ because of the ideal conditions.

Crowds in the cities are far sparser than in summer, and paired with cooler weather, this makes fall an ideal time for general sightseeing. Bare in mind that the autumn months can be wet, especially in Tbilisi, so come prepared for some weather.

12. Visit Vineyards by The Beach in Istria Croatia

Tea from Culture Tourist

Istria is the largest peninsula and one of the most beautiful areas in Croatia. With its alluring beaches, transparent blue Adriatic sea and some incredible nature, it’s a lovely place to visit. Autumn is a great time to visit it because it’s still quite warm, but not as crowded with tourists as during the summer months.

The biggest town in Istria is Pula, and that’s also where the airport is located. You can also fly to the Croatian capital, Zagreb, and take a two hours long car ride from there.

Visiting Istria in autumn is also quite nice because you can join some of the vintages. Istrian wines are among the best in Croatia. The most popular are white Malvasia and red Teran wine. When visiting some of the wineries, you can often enjoy in some of the local food they are serving and even spend a night in some of their guest houses.

In case of a rainy day, you can pay a visit to some of its old cities, such as Rovinj, Poreč, Pula or Motovun. It’s convenient to rent a car while in Istria because there’ll be so much to explore during your vacation. The old city of Pula is filled with Roman ruins. While Poreč and Rovinj are colorful towns with narrow cobbled streets and some lovely restaurants.

13. Visit The Second Largest Beer Festival in Germany - Stuttgart

stuttgart germany

Diana from Travels in Poland

Stuttgart in Germany is located in the southeast portion of the country.  With its own airport it is also home to the second largest beer festival in the world in the autumn, it’s a great place to visit especially if you are looking to get a traditional German experience without the massive crowds of Munich.  The festival, also known as the Cannstatter Volksfest, the beer festival is a very family friendly event as well. There are hundreds of amusement park rides, hundreds of vendors selling everything from food to traditional German souvenirs, and family friendly beer tents as well, which typically host families during the daytime hour.  

The city also has one of the largest zoo/botanical garden combinations in Europe.  Wilhelma Zoo is one of the top attractions for Stuttgart and it’s spread out over the rolling hills right next to the river.  Stuttgart is also home to the automotive industry, particularly Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. In act, the Mercedes Benz museum is one of the best and most visited car museums in the world.  In autumn, it is much less crowded as the majority of people have returned from their planned vacations and children are back in school.

Stuttgart is also perfectly situated with hundreds of castles.  Hohenzollern Castle is a massive castle on top of a hill overlooking the valleys below, and is only 45 minutes away from Stuttgart.  Ludwigsburg Castle is a well known replica of Versailles and sits just 30 minutes north of Stuttgart among hundreds of acres of splendid gardens and parks.  

14. Fall in Love With Provence, France For Wine and Fall Festivals

best places to visit in october in europe provence france
Nadine from Le Long Weekend

Located in the southeastern corner of France, Provence doesn’t often need an introduction. A region famous for its pink wine, blue coast, and golden light, there’s a lot to lure in visitors at any time of year, but in Fall, it really stands out as one of the best European destinations to visit. As the foliage turns all the colors of the setting sun, Provence comes out of its summer haze and the days become more bearable for exploring.

The weather is typically beautiful right through September and well into October before the cool breezes get more frequent in November. Fall is the most opportune time to take advantage of the region’s specialities, which revolve around the fruits of the earth. Take part in grape harvests and pumpkin festivals, or nibble on a bag of freshly roasted chestnuts from the farmer’s markets. Luckily, you’ll be able to walk off all the food & wine by hitting the region’s trails, as Fall is an ideal time to trek around the calanques, climb Mt Sainte-Victoire, or amble among the ancient olive groves in the Alpilles.

Don’t miss the Olive Festival in Ollioules, the Chestnut Festival in Collobrières or the Mushroom Festival in Saint-Trinit. If art & culture is more your thing, head along to the Rencontres photography festival in Arles or join in on a pilgrimage to Saintes Maries de la Mer. Provence, France is truly one of the best places to visit in October in Europe.

Beach Lover's Best Places To Visit in October in Europe

For most of Europe, the sunny days become rare in September – but not everywhere! There are plenty of destinations where you can be on the beach in September and well into October. What’s better than an empty beach when the waters have been warming all summer?

Here are the best places to visit in Europe in October to experience a late beach season. Don’t put away your sunblock just yet, now!

15. Bask in the Beauty of Lake Garda

best places to visit in europe in october lake garda italy
Or from My Path In The World

Located in the lake district of northern Italy, Lake Garda must be on your European bucket list. With ideal temperatures and only about 5% of the number of tourists you’ll find in July and August, early fall is the perfect time to visit this little beauty.

The most convenient way to get to Lake Garda is by flighting to Milan and renting a car at the airport. From there, it’s about a two and a half hour drive, depending on where you’re staying. The roads around the lake are pretty winding, and you need to drive slowly and carefully, so it takes a little while to move between towns.

If you’re looking to soak up some sun, head to one of the lake’s beaches. Although most of them are gravel beaches and not sandy ones, they’re still a good place to relax. From Sabbioni Beach and Pini Beach in the north to Capuccini Beach and Jamaica Beach in the south, you’ll surely find the perfect spot for you. Driving around the lake, you’ll also see plenty of places to stop the car and go down to the water.

Apart from the beautiful beaches, I absolutely loved all the gorgeous little towns around the lake. Strolling through dreamy, colorful alleys in places like Sirmione, Malcesine, and Limone sul Garda is pure joy and should not be missed when visiting Lake Garda.

16. Soak Up The Sun in Malaga, Spain

best places to visit in october in europe malaga spain
Alessia and Toti from Italian Trip Abroad

Malaga is beautiful at any time of the year. When fall comes Malaga is still considered one of the top cities to visit in Andalucia. What can you do if you are visiting Malaga in Autumn? There are so many things to do and see. You can start your day with a delicious breakfast in one of the bars in the city center while enjoying the sun. Yes, because even if it’s autumn in Malaga the sun will be still up. With more than 300 sunny days average in a year, is unlikely that it is raining and ruining your visit to the city.

If you are really looking into something particular to do in Malaga you should experience the amazing Hammam Al Andalus. An Arabic bath where relax your body and mind. It’s unique thanks to the thermal water and the unique atmosphere. 

As mentioned before, even if it’s autumn, the weather will still be nice and as not extremely hot. You can enjoy a walk around the historic city center and discover the most important sights. The roman theatre ruins and the Alcazaba on top of Gibralfaro are the top sightseeing.

While strolling around the city center have a look around and choose a bar where you can taste a fresh beer with delicious tapas. It doesn’t matter which one you will choose as all of them are amazing. A personal suggestion from, you should go to Pepa y Pepe or the Atarazanas Market to try fresh fish tapas as well.

Usually, locals after lunch go back home for the typical “Siesta” (Nap) but if you are visiting Malaga in Autumn for the very first time, you should go to the seaside and walk through the beautiful Malaga Harbor. Passed the seaport of Malaga, there is La Malagueta, the beach of Malaga. You will find many locals still enjoying the beach, while the temperatures in early autumn don’t go below 20 degrees. If the weather is warm enough, you can try and dive into the water of the Mediterranean sea in early autumn.

17. Soak Up Portugal's Autumn Sun in The Algarve

best places to visit in october in europe algarve portugal
Campbell and Alya from The Stingy Nomads

Algarve in the South of Portugal is a perfect place for a fall beach holiday. During the months of September and October the weather is great, it’s warm and sunny but not as hot as it gets in the summer. There are less crowds in the fall than in the peak season, the beaches and caravan parking spots are not packed with tourists. 

The main beach destinations in the Algarve are Sagres, Lagos, Portimao, Faro and Albufeira. Beautiful sandy beaches are not the only attraction in the Algarve. The area has beautiful caves and caverns, wine fincas, cozy white villages, abundant wildlife and multiple hiking trails. Algarve is the perfect destination for both beach and adventure lovers. For outdoor activities like hiking and cycling, fall is a perfect time of the year. You don’t have to start very early in the morning to be done before it gets too hot. There are several hiking routes along the coast including the famous Rota Vicentina that offer breathtaking views of the coast line. 

There are many spectacular places to visit in the Algarve. Cape St.Vicente, the southwesternmost point of mainland Europe with a lighthouse and dramatic cliffs, is one of the most popular attractions in the area. Another must-see attraction in the Algarve is Benagil cave with its secret beach, there are several boat tours from Portimao that take tourists to the cave. For those who like being active a kayak tour to the cave is a great option. 

The southern coast of the Algarve (Lagos, Faro, Portimao) is about 300km from Lisbon. The easiest way of getting here for international tourists is to fly to Lisbon and from there drive down south. There are many daily buses from Portuguese capital to many cities and towns in the Algarve. 

18. Tarifa: Water Sports, Swimming and Sun in Southern Spain

best places to visit in october in europe tarifa spain
Joanna from Andalucia In My Pocket

Tarifa, the most southern city in continental Europe, is a great town to visit in autumn. The sunny, beautiful weather, and the warm temperatures, make Tarifa a very attractive place to be when the rest of Europe gets cold.

One of the most popular things that you can do in Tarifa is learn how to kite surf, wind surf, or surf, or practice your skills at these water sports. There are over 60 different waters ports schools in town which not only offer lessons but also rent equipment, so if you are an advanced kite surfer, you won’t need to pay for extra luggage to bring your board and kite on the plane, to Spain.

Tarifa is also known for some of the most gorgeous beaches in Andalucia, which stretch on kilometres and have beautiful golden, fine sand. The color of the water has so many different shades of blue, making you not want to leave the beach. The largest beach is minutes’ walk from the centre of Tarifa. Playa de Los Lanches is very well equipped with all the facilities, plus lifeguards, in the high season. The beach it’s divided into two: the sunbathing area, to the South, and the water sports area, to the North, so you don’t need to worry about being in the way, if you go for a swim.

Tarifa is the point where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. As you walk down the pier to Isla de las Palomas, you will have the sea on one side and the ocean on the other. It is pretty spectacular!

19. Find Out The Secret of Fall Beach Life in Crete

best places to visit in october in europe crete greece
David from Delve Into Europe

Crete is such a great place to visit during the European fall because it doesn’t feel like fall at all. It’s where the very last of the summer heat can be found, a few degrees cooler, much more comfortable, without the crowds and with plummeting prices.

It’s the largest of the Greek islands, with an intriguing mix of historic old cities, incredible mountain scenery, traditional villages and stunning beaches.

Our recommendation is to explore the west side of the island, as this is where you’ll find the best city, Chania, and many of the best beaches in Crete.  Chania has a gorgeous old town , with a mixture of ancient, Venetian and Turkish architecture. Chania harbour is one of the most beautiful in Greece with a lovely Egyptian lighthouse guarding the entrance.

Some of the beaches to the west of Chania are breathtaking, and fall is the best time to explore them. The sea water still retains its summer warmth, and is comfortable to swim in during October. We visited the amazing Balos Beach in mid-October, and there were around one quarter of the visitors there compared with three weeks before. Likewise, the amazing pink sand beaches of Elafonissi are crammed with visitors in late September, but by mid-October it was much more pleasant.

Some of these west Crete beaches are remote, and many opt to visit them on tours from Chania or the beach resorts nearby. The best beach in Crete that we visited is Falassarna, a spectacular end-of-the-world paradise. It actually has five different beaches, all different in character, and it makes the perfect place to soak in the last of the summer sun.

20. Beat The Crowds With a Group Trip To Mykonos Greece

Nicole from Eat Live Travel Drink

Mykonos, Greece is one of the best European destinations in September and October if you seek beautiful beaches, sensational food, epic sunsets, and deep discounts while avoiding the masses that visit during the summer.

The best way to get to Mykonos in the fall is by flying. Athens services Mykonos and it takes about 35 minutes to fly over to the island. A quick flight to get your fall vacation started.

Some of the places I loved on my visit were Little Venice, cycling in the vineyards, visiting the famous Instagram windmills, spending the day at Super Paradise Beach – which is widely accepted as the best beach on the island (although we think they are all great in their own way), visit the Monastery of Panagia Touliani, see the ruins of Gyzi Castle, take in the best views of Mykonos from the top of Panagia Paraportiani, and eat to your heart’s content!

Mykonos is one of the best girls trip destinations, and especially so in the fall. You’ll find famous whitewashed streets like Matogianni Street rather empty and perfect for photoshoots.

When it comes to things to do at night, make sure to check out Katerina’s Bar (for the most epic sunset views), Astra, Jackie O, and Super Paradise Beach Club. Also, consider the sunset cabaret and drag shot at Hotel Elysium, a must-do gay Mykonos event!

Convinced yet?

Read more reasons why the best time to visit Europe is the autumn months.

It also includes a trip planner, so you can start preparing your Fall trip to Europe today!

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  1. Michelle Segrest

    This is a truly inspired post! I’ve been to Europe many times and agree with you that Europe is a fantastic place to visit, especially in Autumn. As many times as I’ve been to Europe, I’ve only visited two of these places so I’m very grateful for all the awesome locations I can add to my bucket list! I would especially love to visit Tarifa and can’t wait for the opportunity to hike those incredible cliffs in Norway. These pictures are beautiful and make me feel like I’m there! Thanks again for the information, the inspiration, and the expert insight!

  2. Margie

    There are some wonderful ideas in your post for visiting Europe in the Fall. I particularly love the English countryside and some of the islands you mentioned. Portugal is also very high on my bucket list too!

  3. Kelly

    I am sad now 🙁 My plan was to visit Spain in October to celebrate my 60th birthday. Obviously due to the virus, I am now unable to go. I would have loved to visit Malaga and especially to try the Hammam Al Andalus.

  4. Roving Jay

    I’m a big fan of sun sand and heat! But I love exploring Europe in the autumn. Well anytime after the kids have gone back to school so that places aren’t so hectic and busy. And prices are a little cheaper.

  5. Pam

    We’re hoping to get to Europe this fall since our spring trips were pushed back to 2021. Your pictures are giving me serious wanderlust! Great guide.

  6. Bolupe

    What a fantastic list of things to see in Europe by experienced bloggers. I love visiting Europe in October, I will add the Amsterdam to this list.
    Mykonos girl’s trip sounds like what I will love!

  7. Audrey

    To be honest, I think October is the best month to travel. Temperature is perfect, the colours are gorgeous, making any photography magazine-worthy! October is also low-season for most destinations. The only downside is that the days are fairly shorts in October.

  8. Marina

    Oh I wish I could be in Europe right now and everything was back to normal! Missing traveling or at least dreaming about traveling and spending hours on Google Flights!

  9. Melissa

    Great post! Fall is one of my favorite times, the colors of the leaves make the already stunning views that much better. I think visiting Mykones would be amazing!

  10. Sarah

    I love visiting Europe in the fall! Thanks for the great recommendations!

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