The Best Cities in the Netherlands You Should Plan to Visit

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If you are just looking for an excuse to go to the Netherlands, I can relate! Because finding a reason to come to this fantastic place is never difficult. All thanks to the mesmerizing countryside, charming cities, and cultural attention.

The most significant advantage of coming over to the Netherlands is that there are canal galore, world-class museums, fantastic gabled houses, and these Dutch cities are some exceptional sights that everyone should visit. People of the Netherlands are friendly, even if you are just a traveler.

Another great advantage of the Netherlands is that they are easy to reach from neighboring countries. This makes the country a great destination for day trips from Luxembourg, Germany or Belgium. In one short train ride you can be in the market square of the best cities in the Netherlands.

Some of these Dutch cities will let you wander around the cobbled streets, while others will let you take a canal boat sail around the magical waterways. The entire environment of the Netherlands is welcoming, fun, and will provide you with memories that you will never forget. So here are 10 of the best cities in the Netherlands that you should be planning to visit now!


Amsterdam best cities in the Netherlands

We talked about wandering around the cobbled streets, remember, Amsterdam is the place where you will get to try it. It is not difficult to see why Amsterdam is one of the top cities in the Netherlands that visitors like to go to.

Beyond being the capital city, this Dutch town has charming gabled buildings and beautiful old city bridges. There are so many things to do in Amsterdam. You will get to go to some world-class museums, for example, Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, and Anne Frank House.

Along with all the top sightseeing locations and the youthful vibe, there are many good coffee shops, nightclubs, and bars in the city centre. Some of the best things to eat here are stroopwafel, herring, cod, poffertjes, and mint tea. Be ready to spend some time in Amsterdam because one day is rarely enough.

The Haag (Den Haag)

The Hague best cities in the Netherlands

It is quite surprising even to imagine The Hague is not the capital of the Netherlands because of the royal family and the seat of Government. Nevertheless, this fantastic city gives you a stately, sir vibe.

The leafy boulevards have all the grand mansions and canal houses. However, the government buildings, as well as embassies, are surrounded by beautiful parks.

The city offers a lot of elegant dining options. Once you are here, you have got to try the North Sea cod, the traditional bean soup, and Zeeland mussels. The city is a great place for a short city trip as there are plenty of things to do in The Hague during a weekend getaway.


The next city to go to is Utrecht, which is one of the oldest cities. The medieval center is surrounded by Utrecht´s twisted, winding canals. The town has Domkerk cathedral, which should be visited to get awe-inspired by its enticing architecture.

Utrecht mainly has a student population and throws away a vivacious vibe. The city center has lots of affordable cafes, bars, and many eatery options worth visiting. Go to FoodExplore to try various cuisines. You will get to try Asian, European, Seafood, International cuisines, sushi, and Dutch.


Breda best cities in Holland

Let’s talk about Breda now. The city is known for its laid-back atmosphere. The Gothic cathedral of Breda is located right in the main square and is surrounded by so many shops and cafes to enjoy. The city also has a lively feel about it because of the bustling bars.

There are many old buildings and beautiful nature spots. You can go to Valkenburg park to relax. Go to Chocolat if you are interested in trying fusion cuisine.


Rotterdam, best cities in The Netherlands

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands. If you didn’t know already, this city has the busiest port in Europe. This city, however, receives a massive amount of damage during the Second World War but soon re-established itself with innovative architecture.

The city offers many cultural attractions, museums, and fantastic drinking, as well as dining options. Try a fresh morning coffee at Koffie Verkeerd, and you must try their famous bagels.


Groningen best cities in the Netherlands

Groningen is a quiet city that is located in a rural area and will offer you the countryside view. However, once you come here, the atmosphere can shock you because everything is eclectic. The place is quite lively and trendy.

The city has a large student body and has various cultural and arts scene. And don’t worry, many cheap restaurants are serving delicious delicacies. You must try the delightful poffertjes.


Maastricht best cities in the Netherlands

Maastricht is a beautiful city that is situated on the banks of the Meuse River. The city has a vibrant aura and all thanks to the multicultural and multilingual population for making this place one of the best cities in the Netherlands. The town offers contemporary architecture.

There are towering cathedrals, adorable old buildings, and many trendy boutiques. Try Reitz, chicken wings, and drumsticks.


Once you are here at Delft, you will realize why this city is one of the best cities in the Netherlands. The picturesque canals, lovely medieval center, and the brick bridges make this city look like straight out of a fairy tale book.

Visitors who come to Delft, often go to Delftware factories. We recommend you to stay till the evening to watch the canals shimmer during the evening. 


Eindhoven is quite a modern city, and there is not much that you will get to see here other than technological research centers and industrial fields. This city is still worth your visit, mainly because of its modern vibe. The city evolved after the electrical firm Philips shifted here. People usually come here for a night stay before catching an early flight.

I recommend you to go to Onder de Leidingstraat to have some delicious salads and vegan sandwiches with homemade pumpkin spread. Another place to eat homemade sandwiches and salads is The Happiness Café.


Tilburg best cities in the Netherlands

You can plan for an exciting day trip here in Tilburg. The modern architecture and mixed traditions of Tilburg has a lot to offer. The city has excellent museums, for example, The Natuurmuseum Brabant, Museum De Pont, and Textile Museum. Other than the museums, the city lets you shop your heart out at some of the funkiest shops in Tilburg. And when it comes to eating, I recommend you to go to De Wagon to try out some booze and delicious food.

These are the top ten cities to go to when you come to the Netherlands. I hope you are going to enjoy all these cities and will create some memories that you will never forget.

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