About Me!

I’m an American expat living in Denmark and experiencing life as a global citizen. I’m a world traveler, political junkie, Bravo addict, expatriate, Philly sports fan, foodie, history nerd, former teacher, partner to an amazing man, and uncle to two awesome nephews.

Living abroad offers me incredible experiences that I’d be wrong not to share so follow along for everything from travel tips, recipes, cultural anecdotes and unapologetic opinions.

What’s robetrotting? I guess it goes back to the period preceding my move from Philadelphia to Copenhagen. I got this robe for Christmas and immediately realized how comfortable it was to lounge around in. I sent snapchats to friends with the caption “I love my robe” and soon they started telling me to bring it along to brunch or wear it over for cocktails – so I did! The inside joke continued and while visiting me in Copenhagen, one of these friends suggested that I amend my Instagram to include photos of me traveling Europe in my robe. The rest is history… 

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