Month: May 2019

30 Reasons Not to Travel – and How to Overcome Them

Travel Excuses

There should be no excuse not to travel, but we hear them all the time. Travel or stay home? Everyone has a reason not to go traveling and usually they’re things we tell ourselves to put off stretching our comfort zone and exploring the world. Most people find the time to go on vacation – trips to the beach or relaxing in a resort – but travel is a much different beast.

Should I go traveling? When I say travel, I mean immersing in another culture including the food, language and history. Travel isn’t always easy or glamorous, and sometimes it can be a sensory overload like walking the streets of Delhi, India or navigating through the Souk Bazaar in Marrakech. Continue reading “30 Reasons Not to Travel – and How to Overcome Them”

How to Spend One Day in Helsinki – A 24 Hour Itinerary

Helsinki Day Trip

We got to visit Helsinki, Finland as part of our Baltic Easter travels and although we only had a day in Helsinki, we made the most of it and were determined to hit every Helsinki must see. I know we missed a few things, but here is what we covered sightseeing Helsinki for 1 day. Continue reading “How to Spend One Day in Helsinki – A 24 Hour Itinerary”

What is Eurovision? A Beginner’s Guide to The Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Everything You Need to Know About the Eurovision Song Contest

What’s Eurovision? Well, until I moved to Denmark, I really didn’t know what Eurovision was. I had heard about some song contest, and kind of remembered that one time the bearded drag queen won (only because John Oliver talked about it), but then last year I got hooked. Eurovision was like heroin to my vein, combining so many things I love – crazy music, competition, nationalism, and flags. Having lived here, I learned that no one in Europe is neutral on Eurovision – everyone either loves it or hates it (but still secretly loves it). And now that I’ve been a Eurovision fan for exactly one year, I am here to answer all your questions about Eurovision 2019! Continue reading “What is Eurovision? A Beginner’s Guide to The Eurovision Song Contest 2019”

Tuesday Morning Football – Watching Sports and Living Abroad

I’ve always loved watching sports – my parents still joke that I went right from Sesame Street to SportsCenter, so watching sports has been one of my main hobbies all my life. Of course when Derek and I moved to Denmark, many friends asked me how I would adjust to life away from my beloved teams and the ESPN family of network. After two years of life in Copenhagen, I’ve completely adjusted the way that I enjoy sports! Continue reading “Tuesday Morning Football – Watching Sports and Living Abroad”

Learning Danish is Hard, it’s Even More Difficult When It Gets Political

Before we moved to Denmark, Mike and I were excited to fully embrace the new culture including learning Danish. As we prepared to move our lives to Copenhagen, we downloaded language learning apps and took in the Danish language basics. Is Danish hard to learn? Yes, and a lot of this is because of Danish pronunciation, but when we arrived in Denmark, everyone pointed us towards enrolling in Copenhagen Danish courses. It was free to enroll and the best way to really start speaking Danish. We made a lot of friends in our class and after completing the first of 6 modules, we decided to stop taking lessons. It was a huge time commitment and we had other activities we wanted to pursue. Still, there also a political reason that caused us to stop taking Danish lessons – the Dansk Folkeparti. Continue reading “Learning Danish is Hard, it’s Even More Difficult When It Gets Political”