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TRL Quiz – Totally Remember Lyrics?

In case you missed it, MTV announced that they will be rebooting TRL starting in October 2017. For a decade, TRL was the only show with music on MTV and magnified the careers of countless boy bands, pop princesses and Disney kids. How much do you remember these #1 songs from Total Request Live’s countdown? […]

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A Back to School Laugh

Share with a Teacher – they need a laugh right now It’s back to school time and this one is for all of my former colleagues and teacher friends. Have a great year!

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Traveling Alone – Why Everyone Should Try it Once

Traveling Alone

Friends of ours are planning a visit in September. The original idea was to bookend their trip with time in Copenhagen and hit Oktoberfest for the weekend. A little into the planning process, we realized that an Oktoberfest trip takes considerable more preparation and we looked for other options. We settled on Stockholm out of […]

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Cooking as an Expat – Orange Ginger Soy Salmon Over Sweet Potato Noodles with End of Summer Salad

Cooking as an Expat Orange Ginger Salmon Over Sweet Potato Noodles with End of Summer Salad Strawberries and Blue Cheese

Living in Denmark, we have taken up cooking at home more frequently. Eating out in Copenhagen has no dimmer switch – it’s either pricey Michelin rated cuisine or bland dishes that are familiar, but not quite right (and still over-priced). Nothing in between. The good thing is, Mike and I both enjoy cooking and I […]

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Top Cities to Visit in Europe

Top Cities to Visit in Europe Best European Destinations Where to go in Europe What to do in Europe

One of the best parts of expatriating is the simple fact of living abroad and getting to travel in a new region. Living in Copenhagen, I can get on a plane and be in Southern Spain in the same time I could travel from Philadelphia to South Florida. Unlike traveling around the United States, however, […]

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Must See – Adorable Danish Graffiti

Cool Danish Graffiti in Copenhagen

, Like most large cities around the world, Copenhagen is full of graffiti. Over the years, graffiti is something I have gotten used to as an urban dweller. My hometown of Philadelphia tries to combat graffiti with a city-wide mural arts program and it’s been quite successful. Berlin is another city full of graffiti that […]

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Expat Life – Leaving Loved Ones Behind

When I was young, my aunt moved to California from Philadelphia. I didn’t really comprehend what that meant, I just knew that she wasn’t around as much and missed things that I wish I could have shared with her – birthdays, soccer games and even some holidays. As I was planning to move to Copenhagen […]

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How to Embrace Minimalism

Decluttering our life. Cleaning out our basement. Organizing our closets. Embracing Minimalism.

When Mike and I decided to accept an expat assignment in Denmark and move our lives overseas we were ready for some incredible experiences. One we did not expect but have quickly embraced is minimalism. When we moved, we were of course worried about what we were going to do with all of our stuff. […]

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How to Travel Like a Local – Hidden Copenhagen

How to Travel Like a Local - Hidden Copenhagen

Learn some tips on seeing Europe more authentically – like a local – with examples from Copenhagen via a local.

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